Wednesday, January 12


I'm not gonna lie, I am extremely scared about my mom's appt with the oncologist tomorrow, since my last blog post my mom hasn't been feeling that much better. I am really scared.  I hate how this disease is making me so angry, like for most of the time I am a total normal person (for the most part) but whenever I see my mom in pain I get so angry words can't even describe. I probably sound like a nut job but the effect that this disease has had on my mom as well as myself has been insane. I mean, the fact that it's stage IV and will never go away (unless there's a cure, which I sure wish there was already).

I am taking anatomy and physiology this semester and I feel it's going to help me understand a bit more about this whole jaldskfjas;ei rj disease, so far it's interesting.  As far as my other classes, they seem nice (especially my acting class), I will write more about it in another blog post because right now I'm extremely worried about my mom.  

I welcome any prayers for my mom, any, any at all will help, thank you.


Anonymous said...


I have been reading several of your past blogs, and it seriously saddens me about everything that you are going through. I cannot exactly know exactly how strong you and your mom's relationship but from what I remember, it was something that I always desired. I know you two are very close, and she means more than I can ever imagine to you, so I really pray and hope that she gets through this. It's all about patience and prayer. Prayers go a long way, so never give up hope on them<3. It must be so so so frustrating, knowing that healing is not in your hands but someone elses. I'm sure it's so hard and frustrating not being able to do anything but just watch it ache and make the person so dear, and so beloved to you hurt even more. But, if it's hard for you, its 10x harder for her. So, be her light. Be her hope. And, always, Pray. I sure will keep you in my prayer.

Anonymous said...


We all have the best of hopes for your mom. We are all praying the best things for your mom, and we are also praying for you. Keep staying strong Amy. You are a beautiful young woman inside and out, and you and your mom WILL get through this. Have faith, and remember that you are better than this stupid disease. You and your mom will get through this. <3

Amy said...

Thank you both. I really wish I would now who y'all are so I could thank you more personally but what matters the most is that I know that I'm alone. Thank you for your prayers they mean the world.


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