Monday, February 14

Long time no see?

So yeah this past week was superr crazy.  Here's a brief summary, in list form:
-My mom had chemo this past thursday. It wasn't too hard on her.  It was kind of nice because we both took naps there.  There were plenty of chemo chairs empty so I sat on one of them.  It was (as weird as this sounds) a nice little bonding moment.  I just hate the situation, you know?
-My mom isn't feeling too well now, well it kind of goes up and down, the roller coaster thing again.
Yeah, I know. :)
-I don't know if I mentioned this or not but like two weeks ago I found out I got this scholarship from an online magazine! Yey!! Well, anyway, I just found out today that I got this other scholarship too!!! :) Oooh and I get to go, along with my mom, to the ceremony!!!
-I got a 98 on my Anatomy Lab :)
-I am starting to get my classes ready for the next semester
-My mood has been all over the place, it's weird, I get superr excited when something good happens (like the scholarship stuff) but then I get superrr upset when I see my mom in pain.
-Oh that reminds me, my mom has begun to use her "chemo hat", which means, bye bye hair.
-Acting is still super fun, I actually had to go see this one play for class and it was really nice.
-I have A LOT of stuff to do.  :(
-The job situation is still ehhh.
-Oh! Today was/is Valentine's Day!
I guess I'm doing okay.  I really want to see "Life as I know It" with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel (on Demand)

Anyway, please keep praying for my momma.  Thank you.


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