Friday, February 4

So here it goes

Okay so here are some important things that happened this week:
-I found out that I made the Dean's List!!!! :)))) Yey!
-I got a B+ on my History of Christianity Test, eh, 88, it was the first one, so I'm hoping the next test will be better.
-I got a 98 on my Anatomy Test!!!!( Which was major, because I am not a big science person and I usually find it super confusing, so yeyy! and plus I was superrrrrrr nervous about it.) Yey!
In the wee hours of the morning
-It semi-snowed where I live, which is not common at all! So of course, like a complete dork I took pictures.  It snowed/iced? in the wee hours of the morning and my mom wakes up during the night so she woke me up to look outside so to the left are a couple of pics :)

Okay so here is where it gets a little depressing, but nothing super bad, don't worry.

Later on in the morning
-I had another cancer-related nightmare: Okay so there are only four stages of cancer and my mom is in the fourth stage.  In my dream, my mom was in the 67th stage, which now that I think of it is kind of semi funny because it's so dumb, there are only four stages.  Anyway, I am fine now, so it's okay. :)
   -My mom started losing her hair.  This is the third time that she's undergone chemo so we kind of know the whole process, but somehow it doesn't make it any better or easier....but we are hanging in there and watching funny television shows and thinking positively.  (There's this new television show: Seriously Funny Kids with Heidi Klum and it's super funny!)

-It's finally February! Yey!
-My mom and I are going to watch my old high school's performance of the Sound of Music this coming week, so we're excited :)

So maybe it's because I've learned some more things about my mom's disease in Anatomy but I wanted to write about how my mom was diagnosed.  I will try to keep it short but I really wanted to write about it in this post.

My mom used to be a radiology transcriptionist, she used to work close to 80 hours a week.  She is the head of the household, no padre in this house, but that's a different story.  Anyway, so my mom never wanted to miss work to go to the doctor's unless she absolutely had to because that meant losing money. This was back when I was in high school, although she has always worked A WHOLE LOT, but this was close to when she was diagnosed.

January 2008 is really when it all went downhill, my mom and I got sick that month, she had pneumonia and I had bronchitis, we weren't the kind of people to miss anything just because we had the sniffles, so this really set us back because we had to stay at home and take it easy.  February, I don't really remember to much of, my mom and I thought that she had broken her ribs because of all the chaos of pneumonia, but we didn't think too much of it.  March was the month that my orchestra was going to go to New York and play at THE ONE AND ONLY....CARNEGIE HALL, so my mom and I were super busy with getting everything ready.  (So a little thing you may want to know about me: I have been in love with New York since the 7th grade, I had been wanting to go there since then, so this trip was HUGE! and plus it was CARNEGIE HALL, you know?) The New York trip was one trip I will never forget, I guess you could say it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Best: Hello, New York! Worst: My mom started having random pains in her ribs, spine and sternum.  April was when my mom got shingles (painful adult chicken pox) and had a birthday.  May was when my jaw popped out while eating a hot dog for breakfast (yeah, it's okay to laugh, it's funny to think about it now) and I had birthday.  April and May my mom went to the doctor's more and had scans because her pain in her ribs, spine and sternum was getting worse and worse.  They thought she had arthritis, they didn't really make anything of it, so she was going through different options for pain management.  It was until the weekend after my birthday in late May that my aunt drove us to the hospital because my mom couldn't sleep because she could hardly breathe and the pain prevented her from doing a lot of things.  This was around the time I was having finals my sophomore year of high school.  My mom stayed in the hospital for two weeks and was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer during that time.  Her primary (where the cancer cells originated) was in the breast, it was Stage IV because the cells had spread to her ribs, spine and sternum.  She started chemo in the hospital.

(Okay so from when I started talking about May and the stuff that happened around then, I started trying to speed it up. I want to divide this up into a few blogs so it's easier to read so I will continue with it later)

I will try and finish this up this weekend.

Thanks for reading.  Hope to write more soon!


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