Thursday, March 17

Love 'em

Okay so today is a pretty good day, so I wanted to write a happier post today.  So I have recently found some television shows that totally lift my spirits and here they are:

I have watched I Love Lucy plenty of times before but lately it has been extra funny to watch.  Hilarious! I recommend watching this when you feel down because it made my mom and I laugh a lot! :)

Another show that I have recently found very interesting is One Born Every Minute.  I know what you're thinking, watching babies being born, that's weird. The thing is that it is so beautiful to watch a new life being born and plus it is super funny to watch the father of the baby in this whole scenario.  It is also really adorable to watch babies. :)

There is also Coming Home, a show I just recently saw, it is about surprising families with the arrival of their loved one, a soldier.  It is so amazing! It really pulls your heartstrings.   This one is definitely a tear-jerker.  

Finally, Seriously Funny Kids.  This show is just so adorable because the kids in it are funny! Heidi Klum is funny as well. :)



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