Tuesday, March 22

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Carnegie Hall with my high school orchestra ♥
I wanted to blog yesterday but things were too crazy so I decided I would do it today.  Three years ago, yesterday, I was in New York City with my high school orchestra and we played in THE ONE AND ONLY CARNEGIE HALL! Yeah, it was pretty amazing! The experience was unforgettable.  I remember warming up and just feeling the awesomeness of the place, it was just this vibe that I felt.  I know, I know, it was oh so amazing! We had a standing ovation and all the parents that chaperoned where definitely emotional, I know my mom was, it was a beautiful moment. :)

The trip was amazing and it was really when I fell in love with New York.  I had been wanting to go to NY since seventh grade so it was a GINORMOUS deal! We went to the typical touristy places but, for me, they were wonderful. Planet Hollywood, Broadway (Lion King and Phantom of the Opera), Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, Times Square, Top of the Rock, etc. My mom, my friend Amber and I (on our free day) went to Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Center and Juilliard!!!!!! It was the trip of a lifetime and I sure miss being there.
I'll leave y'all with this beauty ↓ I know that one day my mom and I will be back and it will bring even better memories than last time!

Reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite movies: One Fine Day

*Amy fact: I am in love with the city of New York (as well as my hometown, but also New York).  I wish to move there to pursue my career in television producing.  One, if not my favorite, song is New York New York by Frank Sinatra.  Yeah. I  ♥ New York !  *

Thanks for reading.  Keep praying for my momma! Thank y'all!


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