Sunday, March 6

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Way We Were

Okay so things have still been super crazy so... list time!

-First of all, my mom is doing okay.  She had her appt. with the oncologist this last time (well NP to be exact, Nurse Practitioner) but anyway, she only needs two injections of the shot that boosts her white blood cells! Yey! Now she also needs an injection of the shot that boosts her red blood cells but that's okay.  Her next lab is in about three weeks and it's going to be more extensive, so I'm a bit more scared about that. I won't focus on that now though.
-My aunt apparently has a carcinoid tumor in her lung so her treatment is a bit unclear but she'll be okay.
-The induction for Alpha Lamda Delta Honor Society went well. :)
-School will be over in less than two months!!!!! :) (and then it's summer class time but that won't be so bad)
-Oh, that's right, this weekend my mom and I saw One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Way We Were.  The first movie was oh my goodness, amazing, super sad ending though but very very interesting, Jack Nicholson's eyebrows scare me though but he was sooo amazing! The second movie was nice, ehh, I do really like Barbra Streisand though :)
-I have been working on BILLIONS of scholarships, okay no, not really, but there are a lot (5).
-I have so much to do but I'm done with the FAFSA! (and my mom and I are done with our taxes!)
-I am looking forward to Spring Break so I can get so much stuff done. (5 MORE DAYSSS!)
-Anatomy and Acting are super interesting right now. Who would've thought that I would actually find Anatomy interesting haha.

*Interesting Amy fact no. 2: I love watching movies, all kinds, except for super racy ones.  I am always interested in watching new/old movies that are amazing and/or funny [suggestions are welcome :) ]*

Please keep praying guys! Thanks for reading.


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