Thursday, April 7

CT, "Smile", Acting

Part of the chemo room.
So it's been a while since I last blogged but as you maybe can tell, everything's been pretty crazy.  First of all, today was my mom's CT scan.  It's crazy because she gets her labs and scans done at the place where she used to work at (a hospital, she used to be a radiology transcriptionist) so everytime we go there it's like deja vu of when she used to work there, and frankly, when she wasn't sick.  Anyway, the process of getting the scan done didn't take long but they had trouble trying to get a good vein, so it was more pain for my mom, yeah, it was bad, but I'm glad it's all over.  We even ate lunch with one of her ex-co-workers (I don't know where the dashes go) and it was nice to see everybody there that we know, I mean they've known us for like three years or so, they've seen us through this sucky disease.  My mom also had the new calcium-lowering thing (that took 4hrs) on tuesday but that wasn't too bad.

As for me, it's final project time for Audio Production I, so I am starting to work on that.  My project is going to be a music video of an updated version of Charlie Chaplin's Smile.  I love that song and it seemed perfect, I also wanted to somehow capture the meaning of the song while talking about cancer. To me the song basically means that although life is sometimes sucky, you should smile and know that everything will eventually be okay, which kind of helps me get through this whole cancer situation.  The support I'm getting with this project is great! :)

Other than that, ooh! Acting has been soooo soooo sooo much fun! :)))) Last class (the 5th) my scene partner and I were doing a scene and my acting teacher was like "This is my favorite!" and "You're always great! (referring to me).  Not to toot my own horn but yeah, I agree! :) Haha, jk!  Anyway, that class has really been a stress-reliever for me. I am starting to work on my monologue for the final as well, and so far so good! Also, I'm starting to plan my classes for summer and fall, so my OCD is kind of helping me in this situation except that I don't know yet if I can get this one class that is super hard to get into because all Communication Arts majors (like me) need to take it, so I'm crossing my fingers.

I think that's it for now. Hasta la pasta! (Please keep prayin'!) ✌♥☺


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