Tuesday, April 12

I'll be there for you


Okay so first of all I am stressed about my mom's situation, I guess maybe more scared though, anyway, I would deeply appreciate prayers for my mom, she will be going to the oncologist on thursday, her abdominal pain has not gone away, I'm just really REALLY scared.  I pray every night that my mom's cancer stays under control.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but my mom's kind of cancer (stage IV) means that her cancer won't go away, the goal is to just keep it under control, so that is why I am always tense. Anyway, sorry about that, I didn't want this to be a depressing post, so I will change the subject. 

I was reading something about ads and stuff and how on Oprah's final episode, each 30 second spot (for a commercial) is going to bring in a whole lot of money, and they mentioned other series finales and their commercial things, or whatever, anywho, they mentioned FRIENDS! :))) I absolutely love this show, I seriously cried during the last episode, I remember going to school (middle school) the next day and feeling like something was missing, I know this probably sounds pathetic, but that's okay.  So I wanted to take this time to say thank you David Crane and Marta Kauffman for creating FRIENDS! :) ♥

Another thing, acting class has been sooo soo sooo sooo much fun! We are working on our monologues for the final and today I performed mine and it was really nice to get feedback and to work on it.  My monologue is from A Doll's House and I'm playing Nora, during the last scene of the play. 

Random: I wanted to post my schedule for summer and fall just so y'all can cross your fingers that I get these classes, you know if you are really bored.  jk!

Summer: Religion and Film, Dimensions of Wellness (PE) and Announcing and Performance (for my concentration)
Fall: Italian I, Country Western Dance (haha, it's another part of PE), Beginning Acting (for my minor), Writing for the Media (for my major), Video Production I (for my concentration) and U.S to 1865 (history).  

So please cross your fingers! :) Thanks! 

On a serious note: Please continue praying for my mom and that this disease isn't spreading any more.  Thank you! ✌♥


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