Saturday, April 2

The Story

Hello dear readers.  I know I have said this in pretty much every single blog but this week has been super crazy.  First of all, my mom has been having stomach pain/bloating, it's confusing so she will be having a CT scan soon, we pray to God that this sucky cancer isn't spreading.  This is the point where I usually break down, but I don't know what's been happening but I haven't broken down (yet).  I really need y'alls prayers.  Thanks.  My mom will also be having this new thing to lower her calcium given to her over 4 hours and that's this tuesday.  Please pray.

Yesterday and today I volunteered for this Choral Festival held at my school.  It was really nice to help out and see (and listen to) different choirs in the process.  That was super fun.

Of course I have to talk about this...Grey's Anatomy was especially nice this past week.  It was the music event episode and it was absolutely amazing.  Below is probably my favorite song from the episode.  Shonda Rhimes is brilliant (along with all the cast and crew) and have made my goal of becoming a television producer even more exciting.  Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood are just a couple of shows that inspire me (as cheesy as that sounds).  So anyway, enjoy this video below.  :)

*Amy fact: I love watching really good television shows.  If you know of any amazing ones, I'm open to watching almost anything,  let me know of any good ones.  :) *

Thanks for reading.  Please keep praying for my momma. ✌♥☺


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