Saturday, May 21

Going to the Chapel

Okay so today was/is kind of a sucky day.  I have not mentioned this before but I got a job! I have been in training for 3 weeks now because this kind of a job is not a typical one.  Don't worry, it's nothing crazy, it's actually pretty amazing.  I will be an Assistant Wedding Coordinator (Chapel Staff) so I would only work on fridays and saturdays.  There is the Wedding Coordinator (Saundra, she is so nice and sweet) and then there would be me. There are no shifts, or fill ins, which makes this job a bit more difficult but trust me, these past weekends I've been in training have been amazing.

So I mentioned this before, but I have been looking for a job since 41293471923847 years ago, haha not really, but it's been a LONG time.  So I mentioned this to my mentor  (from this program that I'm a part of in college) so she told me that she had an idea.  She will be studying abroad in South Korea next semester, yeah, you read right, South Korea, isn't that amazing? Anyway, she won't be able to continue working at the chapel so she said that I could go and see what the job is like and that's when I fell in love, the job is amazing!

Basically, we help the couple with the wedding rehearsal and the actual wedding itself. We set up what they would need for traditions, help with getting the order of the procession ready so they can walk down the aisle, and so many more things.  The problem is that the hours are long on saturdays and kind of long on fridays and since my mom hasn't been feeling wonderful, especially because we just got back from the hospital, today was really rough.

I thought it would be okay, because fridays are shorter but it was tough.  It was also kind of sad because today I was watching the rehearsal for the second wedding and the couple's grandmothers were there walking down the aisle with no cane or anything, they were walking so well and they must be in their late 60s at least.  I know I shouldn't compare my life with others because it's different but it's like my mom is definitely not 60 and she needs a wheelchair to move most of the time, sometimes she'll use a walker and sometimes a cane (on a very good day) but it's like, I want my mom to be okay, I want her to get to point where she just needs a cane and that seems far right now because the pain in her bones from the cancer doesn't go away, it won't ever go away, that's why she takes the pain meds but they still don't completely take the pain away.

Another thing, seeing all these couples with their families really makes me hope that my mom will be there for my wedding.  Like I mentioned before, there is no padre in this family, it's just my mom and me.  On the 25th I will turn 19 and still be a ways away from getting married (there's no rush) but I pray to God that my mom will be here on Earth by my side to walk me down the aisle and then to be that grandma that spoils her grandchildren.  That's another thing, I never met my maternal grandma and I really wish I had because she raised my mom, the most amazing woman, so it's like it must have taken on heck of a momma to do that.  I hear stories of her and it's like I really wish I would have met her.

Don't get me wrong, I love this job, it takes me away from life's stresses, because it's like you see the beautiful part of life, getting married, you know? It's simply beautiful.  It's wonderful to see the excitement of the couple the day before and the day of the wedding, especially right after they've gotten married. It's amazing.

Just please keep praying guys that my mom will be here with me for a VERY LONG TIME.  She has an appt. with the oncologist on the 26th at 10:15 so we'll see what happens with this new change of chemo.

P.S. Here is the song "Going to the Chapel" by the Dixie Cups.  My mom used to drive us around to the beach when I was little and just to different nearby places and it's like everytime we traveled around that area this song used to play so I knew this song by heart.  I still love it and it makes me think of my childhood, so enjoy!

Until next time.


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