Friday, June 3

Blessed and hopeful

Okay readers.  Things have drastically changed since I last blogged. Here's the summary because frankly, right now, I'm all about moving forward and improving from now on and I’m falling asleep but I felt like I really needed to blog because it’s been tooooooooooooo long.

So, Monday my mom fell and broker her right femur (upper thigh area), I was with her and so I called 911. Probably one of the worst experiences of my life.  I felt like I wanted to scream.  It's weird because this one lady and her son were looking at my mom and I told them "Please stop staring, she's my mom." Now that I look back on it, it's like "what the heck where you thinking Amy? They could have easily gotten violent on me, but thank God they didn't. So anyway, we got to the ER and the whole process was painful.  We were at a different hospital because of the opportunities available there for my mom. 

Anyway fast forward to Wednesday May 25…my mom is scheduled for surgery and it’s my 19th birthday.  That day was definitely one of the worst days I’ve ever had in my life, except for the way it ended.  I won’t go into a great deal of depth but the surgery took twice as long as expected because basically, cancer got in the way of the rod that was going to be put in, so that was fixed but in the meantime I was having a meltdown in the waiting room.  I thought it was all over.  That’s why when I saw my mom, even completely asleep, I was so relieved and felt so blessed to see my mom alive and to be able to have her say “Happy Birthday” to me.  It’s crazy because I was born at 7:28pm and that was the time that I was REALLY falling apart.  Anyway, thank God that’s all over.

I am going to wrap this up because I’m falling asleep but I just wanted to update y’all.
So here’s a quick little list:
-My mom’s therapy has been challenging but she’s improving
-We don’t know how long she’ll be here (in rehab aka physical therapy)
-She’ll start chemo back up again once her scar and everything has healed which they are thinking might be about 4 weeks. (I pray it will be less)
-I know I’m missing a lot of stuff but I’m falling asleep because it’s been a very long day.
-P.S. Today was my first day out of training for my chapel job. (It went well)
-I’m staying with my mom in the hospital.

P.S. I got a tumblr because I thought it was something interesting I could do while in the hospital.  

Here is the view from my mom's current room.

Please pray everything improves. 
I will try to write sooner.

Another thing, tomorrow is the third anniversary (I guess you could call it) since my mom's diagnosis.  Please pray she has many more years here with me.
Thank you.


alexandriakaris said...

I know how those nights are in the hospital. I know they're by no means fun or comfortable. But I know it must be so special for your mom that you're there. I'm going to be having some more of those with my mom this year, it's good that they'll have someone with them :)
Hang in there, love you!

Amy said...

Yes, that's so true. I hope everything turns out okay. They raised good daughters. :)
Thanks, you too! Love ya!

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