Thursday, May 19

Scary Doctor, Wonderful Nurses + Techs and Getting Home

In my last blog post I let it all out and I wanted to update y'all on the craziness that has been happening these past 10 days. it goes:

I wrote the last post in the wee hours of the morning of Mother's Day (8th) because my mom wasn't doing so well and I was really scared and sad.  A few hours after I blogged my mom was seriously going downhill, I won't go into the details but it was BAD, so we called my aunt and uncle to see what we should do.  My aunt is a nurse so she has that kind of medical input.  So (btw sorry for the weird blog kind of grammar) we all decided that going to the hospital was the right decision but that the ambulance would be a better idea. We got to the hospital and everything was like in fast forward.  I was telling docs and nurses about my mom's medications, her symptoms and anything and everything they asked about.  (My mom at this time was getting poked and a whole lot of other things done to her so she was a bit busy) So anyway...she ended up going to the ICU because her BP was a bit low and this is where the first part of the title of my blog comes in.

Transfusion again, views from the right and left side of ICU room.

Once my mom got to the ICU she met her ICU doctor (aka scary doctor).  See the thing is, and I've mentioned this before, it's just my mom and me, so whenever there are big blobs of information we are usually both aware of what's going on, but this time it was like the scary doctor just wanted to talk to my mom, so I respected that but I could still overhear what he was asking her.  Again, I won't go into detail but let's just say these questions where "the worst case scenario" but he was super blunt.  Anyway, I don't want to spend too much time talking about this but you get the idea, this mature (old), 6ft tall doctor was talking to my mom (my little tiny 5ft tall momma) so of course I was scared that maybe she needed somebody else there. Oh and another thing, because of his height every single time he talked with my mom he elevated her hospital bed so he wouldn't have to bed over, and this really bothered me because as I mentioned, he was a GIANT! So yeah, my mom had pneumonia, so of course she had trouble breathing, her platelets were out of whack, her red and white blood cell counts were super low, so she needed a transfusion (she got 3 units), she had an infection and so she needed antibiotics and steroids and breathing treatments.  While in the ICU anybody visiting her needed to wear these blue robe things and gloves and since I had that ugly cough/bronchitis/upper respiratory infection to still get rid of I also wore a mask.  I know, insane.  She was in the ICU for 2 days and I couldn't stay overnight so Day 1 I stayed with my aunt and uncle and I went to bed at like 9pm, just like a baby.  Day 2 I stayed at home alone because I wanted to get stuff ready at home for when my mom came home.  The nurses were really nice and attentive in the ICU so I knew that my mom would be in good hands, but it certainly did not make it any easier to leave her the way she was.  It was hard enough to leave to get lunch and dinner, I basically inhaled the hospital food.  Then, Day 3 came, she was moved to the 3rd floor, so bye bye ICU!

While they were transferring her to the 3rd floor they said I could head on over to her room (307) because she was getting a chest X-Ray so I sat there and it was like a flashback of the last time she was in the hospital overnight like this.  In 2008, when she was diagnosed we stayed in the hospital for two weeks and there was a little of a deja vu feeling this time. When I was heading to my mom's room I kept seeing hearts everywhere, it wasn't like Valentine's hearts but like pictures of biological hearts and then I read "3 West Telemetry" and then of course I started freaking out but I just kept thinking that she must be better because she was out of the ICU. So I talked with the nurse to just update him on my mom's situation and then she came and that's when things got better but harder.  Better: I could stay overnight at the hospital! Harder: My mom didn't have a nurse for just her so when she needed something it was harder to get help right away but we managed.  My mom still talked with the scary doctor and now we talked with her endocrinologist more and oncologist and now she had a pulmonologist.  
The view from 307 during the day and night. (It looked much prettier than this)

I will summarize Days 4-10 because there was a whole lot of stuff going on.
-My mom's lungs started getting clearer to the surprise of the pessimistic scary doctor.
-She started getting physical therapy to regain her strength.
-She got antibiotics, steroids, and stuff like that.
-She started eating more as she started feeling better.
-We watched tv together, which was nice.  When people interrupted us watching Grey's Anatomy we decided to just watch it online, just like with America's Next Top Model.  :) (Again, tv to the rescue)
-I got asked about 2345324590 times how old I was and about the same number of times I got the response "oh wow, you look so young" which I love.  :)
-I ate hospital food, which was pretty bad but a couple of days I had the guest trays and yesterday and today I had two meals that were pretty good.
-My mom got breathing treatments to increase her lung capacity and oxygen.  
-The nurses and techs (and physical therapists) were so nice and sweet.
-Some of the nurses and techs told me I would be a good nurse and if I wanted to be one, to which I just laughed a "yeah right" kind of laugh, because it's true, I don't want to be, television producing is where it's at! :) haha.

Room 307, 3West (It reminded me of Grey's Anatomy because of the "west" part--Seattle Grace Mercy West, haha)

-We talked with social workers and such because my mom still wants to get her will situation fixed so it's something that is not in our minds anymore.  
-Scary doctor kept on getting on my nerves more and more because he made my mom more stressed and looked at everything negatively.  
-Everybody else was really nice. 
-Oh the reason she was on the 3rd floor was because they just wanted to monitor her heart but her corazon is good.
-We will be getting some people to come help my mom with physical therapy.
-We met this Pastor (that has been praying for us) and he was really nice, we then later met his family they were really nice and they got us bibles! 
-I am probably missing stuff, but I think these are the most important things, besides this post is super long (sorry, I just wanted to let it all out). 
-Anyway, we are home now, thank you God.  Now we begin the process of starting a new chemo, well actually my mom does because I don't get it, but she does, but now we are just praying that this new chemo that she'll be getting (because this last one really knocked her down) will work for a long time. 

Left: My mom's last meal in hospital (I had something similar and it was surprisingly good--one of my favorites from the hospital) Right: What I slept on for 8 days. Whoohoo, no more of that! :)

-Oh! My birthday is the technically 6 days away (bc it's after midnight on the 18th).  It's insane, I still feel  like I'm 16, or 17, and now I'm already going to turn 19.  Crazy.

Well, I think that's it for now.  Please keep praying guys! Thank y'all!


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