Saturday, June 18

Long Time No Write

Things, as usual, have been pretty cray cray around here (haha I've always wanted to say that, so here I get the chance to write it), so yeah, they've been insanely different.  So again, list time.

-My mom is now at a skilled nursing facility.  She is getting therapy two hours a day, except for weekends, when she, herself, does a little bit of therapy.  Things are going well.
-We are still unsure about what's going to happen after, you know with the whole chemo situation. Her liver has started hurting a bit again, but I pray that this situation doesn't get worse.
-Oh, we are going to be looking at moving from our apartments so that's good!
-My job is going well.  Here are some highlights:
    -I met/talked to a few nuns!
    -I've talked with a Scottish priest
    -I've talked with a British family! (Yes, their accents are so wonderful and amazing!)
    -I've had a great experience so far!
-I start my summer classes, well actually only 1 summer class (something kind of like PE) this month (27th) so I'm looking forward to that, kind of.
Yup, it's summer.
-My aunt gave my mom and I her Wii because she doesn't use it (because of her heart problems) so we just got it today, which is pretty amazing because I've wanted one for THE longest time! So, thank you Aunt Estelle.
-That leads me to something else: while my mom was in the hospital and not doing so well, I had some people tell me to prepare myself for the worst basically and then I had somebody else ask me "when is it enough?" like basically, stop pushing your mom so hard.  To tell you the truth, this all really upset me and frustrated me for these reasons. Number 1: They are not God, so they don't know when the end is, I understand that people may say this to be supportive but it's like, c'mon, we are not those negative-minded kind of people.  Number 2: I've told my mom that if she ever feels like it is too much, I will be okay.  I know this sounds insane and weird but I don't want my mom to suffer.  So anyway, we've talked about stuff like this and for people to assume is just very frustrating.
I even came up with this little quote: "It's not called denial, it's called having faith". Pretty nice right? People felt that my mom having the surgery was crazy and very dangerous, which yeah it was, but they wouldn't have done it if it wasn't worth it. People would give me this look like they thought I was in denial of how serious things were, but I kept telling them "It's my mom we are talking about, not some whimpy person." So there, I'm done. Thank you for letting me vent.
-My mom had 42 stitches removed from her femur! ( a while ago)
-Everything is getting better. I will try to blog more but, well you know.. things have been crazy.
-You can go to the page: Please pray for Amy's mom (on facebook) for more updates.
-Oh and remember tumblr:

Thanks for reading guys! :)


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