Sunday, July 24


So my dear readers things have gone bananas yet again.  I won't focus too much on that, less than a paragraph, I promise.

My mom is in the hospital again because of her high calcium (again) and so we miss being in the skilled nursing facility, weird right? There we have access to CABLE *sigh*, and people don't bother us and much and of course, well, it isn't the hospital.  We are still looking for apartments and I have like three big assignments to do for my PE class.  Dumb, I know.  So all in all, the craziness is made up of cancer, apartment-hunting and school.  Not much has changed I guess.

New topic.

I am severely right-brained as I found out in my PE class.  We were talking about intellectual wellness and we played Taboo (fun game) and apparently I gave out pretty right-brained clues.  Like for example: The word was "SUBWAY", I sang the little jingle "…eat fresh" ♫ or for the word "BAT", I sang "dituh dituh….man!"♬ (however you write that).  See what I mean? Anyway, it was pretty fun.

Other things.  Work is going well.  School starts in less than a month (bittersweet).  I had fun catching up with a friend from high school, she came over to the skilled nursing facility. That was really sweet of her.  I really miss shopping for clothes, especially at Target.  :( I am soooooooooo close to finishing this summer class.  I think that's it for now.

Thanks for reading this splattered post.  :)


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