Sunday, July 31

School, designing & kids.

Lots of things to share, not a lot of time. So here it goes.

-I have only two more classes left of my PE/Wellness class!!! Yahoo! I have to run/walk 1.5miles tomorrow, kind of like a post-assessment thing.  Wednesday will be my last class, then I'll go from there to help with an event for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. I'm pretty excited to help out. :))) (My mom is diabetic so it's kinda nice to know some stuff)
-I helped with this program on Saturday that works with children with disabilities.  It was really nice to help out because we worked with arts and crafts so that's already fun, and we worked with kids, which is even more fun.  I love kids, I really do.
-We are so close to finally settling down on an apartment so I've become very obsessed with decorating my room, it's pretty fantastic.
-I just finished ordering like 97% of my books for school and hellooo, cha-ching.  Yeah, that's college. It's a good thing I'm working because some of my paychecks are going to be used to pay for those books.
-That reminds me, I'm getting excited about starting school.  I look forward to learning Italian!!!! Also, pretty much all of my other classes.  It's also nice to get back to seeing the same people as last year.  I hope and pray that this year won't be as crazy or full of not-good surprises.
-I'm still looking for monologues for my acting class. I'm starting to get really stressed, but it's okay, I'll find some good ones. :)
-I made the Dean's List again! :)))))
-I became Historian for this Pro-Life Organization at school (I think we're just waiting for the club to be approved, so cross your fingers.)
Found on   I love paper lanterns.  
-My mom is doing pretty well right now.  Thank you God.
-Tomorrow is my grandma's birthday (mom's side).  She was a Leo.  I never met her but I know she was one heck of a woman.  Happy Birthday Grandma!!! :) Love you!


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