Friday, August 12


I recently got my books for school and I have already started to learn Italian!! I'm so pumped to begin learning more and more and more!!! Ahh! This would be the first language that I learn on my own.  When I was 4 my mom and I moved to Mexico because my mom was born there and pretty much all of our family is there.  Anyway, I learned Spanish kinda fast because my mom spoke it since I was born so moving to Mexico was just a chance for me to also improve my Spanish.  I am also glad that there are so many similarities between Spanish and Italian.  :)

[The Italian flag.]

Really quick.  My mom went into the hospital a little while ago and then got released and now we are back at the skilled nursing facility.  I won't go too much into depth because those were SERIOUSLY rough times and I got super overwhelmed that I didn't want to do anything.  So here's an update: My mom is doing well.  We are taking everything day by day, praying and thanking God for everything, she is doing okay in therapy, she had had an infection and was dehydrated.  She got lots of antibiotics, she got another transfusion, she got plenty of other meds.  She will start the second round of the chemo next thursday.  Please pray that this chemo works really well and keeps working for a very long time.  Thank you. ***Here is a link to a note I wrote when everything was pretty bad, things are better, thanks to God, but prayers are still always very very welcome.***

Okay, back to other things.  We are *this* close to moving into a new apartment!!!! The one we are currently renting will not be a good one to return to because since my mom is now wheelchair-bound, she won't be able to climb the stairs.  So my aunt, my mom and I had started looking for apartments a while ago but things got too crazy.  Anyway, these are apartments for people that use wheelchairs, walkers and such but it's pretty great. We will be on the first floor in apartment 3110. :) These apartments are close to one of my mom's favorite mexican restaurants, they are close to the Humane Society :), and close to one of the local television stations, oh and there is a Super Target pretty close as well. They are pretty amazing, we just need to send them a couple of papers, then my mom needs to go and sign some stuff and then…HELLO KEYS!!! Oh, and there is one minor detail missing, I need to finish packing.  Yeah, pretty important part but things got too crazy, like I said, so my priorities were rearranged.  We are both very excited to start getting things rolling, even if my mom is still in the skilled nursing facility.

Other things:
-I finished my summer class with an A+ :)))
-Work is going well.
-School is just around the corner!!! Aaah.
-Wish me luck finding the perfect monologues, thanks.
-I can't believe school is almost here, that means Fall shows are almost here!!! :))) [Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood] Yepee!
-I got a Pinterest. You can find it [here.]


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