Monday, August 22

Mi chiamo Amy.

This will be a pretty short post because I've still got a few things to do but…


Here is a summary of my day:

1st class: Italian! 
-So excited to finally be taking Italian.  I have the teacher I had my junior year in high school so it's nice seeing a familiar face and she's really nice.
-There are like 20 girls in my class and 2 guys. Haha.
-We already started learning stuff.
-I am so excited to start learning more stuff.

2nd class: Country Western Dance!
-So fun because my friend Deidra is in it, it would have been kind of awkward not knowing anybody in it.
-We had fun learning the different elements of ballroom dancing (I think, or maybe it was only Country Western dancing).  
-It was so much fun!!!
-The teacher is nice. :)

3rd class: Choir!
-Nice getting back to a familiar place.
-A whole lotta new people.
-Weird thought knowing that I'm not a freshman anymore.
-Really fun!
-Teacher is still really nice. :)

4th class: (After lunch) Beginning Acting!
-This class is for MAJORS but I need to take it because minors also need to take it.  Not gonna lie, a bit scared, these people are SO talented!
-We have to present one of our monologues in class, I'm scared that my classical monologue isn't as classical as Shakespeare and that maybe everybody else chose Shakespeare.
-We have to audition for the play so my time is 5:40pm.  Wish me luck!
-I have the monologues down, it's just that I'm a bit worried.
-It looks like it's going to be a good class.
-I've had the teacher before and he's also really nice. :)

5th class: (last one on Mondays) Writing for the Media!
-The teacher was surprisingly really nice and laid back.  She even made a joke that Dora the Explorer was the best thing that happened to her because now she tells kids her name is Dora and they look at her in amazement. Pretty funny stuff.
-She did say the first 6 weeks are going to be the hardest. I'm just hoping everything will be manageable.
-The teacher is really nice. :)

I'm probably missing out but I just wanted to write it down before I forgot most of it. :)

My mom is doing okay, it's weird not being here when she's in therapy though.  Please keep praying, she'll get labs done tomorrow and then chemo on thursday.  

Thank you! I hope y'all had a great first day too! :)


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