Thursday, August 25

Tadaa! [Take {Two] Step}

Happy 1st Birthday blog!!! 

 That's right, it's been a year since I first started this blog.  HERE is the link to where it all began. It's insane how much has changed.  I mean, of course, it's been obvious to me how much can change in a year but through this blog, it is clearer.    I was a  college freshman and my major was Communication Arts.  I was nervous yet excited about college.  Now, as a college sophomore my major has not changed but I've added a minor…Theatre! (Oh and I got a job too) I am not nervous about college anymore and I am still excited about it.  I believe blogging is very therapeutic for me and let's me see how much I've grown in a year.  I definitely recommend blogs to anyone who at least mildly enjoys writing and who wants to have an outlet for "expressing themselves" [as cheesy as that sounds] to get a blog.  

Other news:
- I auditioned for my university's play/musical and, unfortunately, didn't make it.  It's okay though because I've got too many things going on right now but I'm SO proud of myself for doing it (even though we did have to as part of my Beginning Acting class) but I performed both monologues and sang a song (Yikes).  I definitely did better in my choir audition than I did with this song, but I learned from it.  It was a great experience AND they even laughed at my comedic monologue! :) I'm looking forward to auditioning next year and maybe even getting cast.
-My mom got a transfusion and we are back at the skilled nursing facility. We almost went to the hospital again because her platelets are low but we are able to get her injections here (hopefully on saturday and sunday).  She is doing okay at the moment and thank God for it (and thank y'all for the prayers).
-We are looking at hopefully moving in to the new apartment next week! 
-College is going well.  Country Western Dance is so much fun! Acting, as always, is pretty fun! Italian, oh my goodness, I'm learning so much! Choir-fun! Writing for the Media is interesting, my teacher has, get this, lived in New York!!! Ahh, she even went to Columbia, she has part of my dream life.  It's an interesting class.  I feel I'm going to learn a whole lot in my Video Production class too! My religion class is nice as well. 

Well, I hope school is going wonderful for y'all! Thanks for reading and keep prayin'! Thank you.


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