Wednesday, August 17

Something New

So I've seen this around and I've decided to "link up" with Jaime and tell y'all What I'm Loving Wednesday.  I hope to do this every Wednesday of course, so here it goes!

1. I'm loving that I got a haircut!!! I hadn't been there in a VERY long time.  Really, now that I think about it, it's been since before summer started and my hair grows freakishly fast, so it's been a very long time.  It was past my shoulders and now it's right above. I'm very happy. Oh and I also loved my mom's reaction when I showed her. :)

I usually smile in all my pictures but in the other one, my hair didn't look as nice & shiny.

2. I'm loving that I went to Walgreens today and just bought a whole bunch of amazing things.  

3. I'm loving that my mom had a good day today.  

4. I'm loving that today is Wednesday which means…
Dance Moms

I'm loving this awkward picture.

5. I'm loving that I already memorized my monologues!!!

6. I'm loving this new template/design for my blog!

7. I'm loving that we are so close to getting into the apartment.

8. I'm loving that I'm also so close to starting to learn Italian!!!!

9. I'm loving Pinterest. [Here are some things I found:]

10. I'm loving this "What I'm Loving Wednesday" thing.  

Please keep praying for momma! Thank you!


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