Sunday, September 4


[10 secrets]

1. I find it pretty easy to remember people's last names.  It's kinda useless information though (for the most part).
2. I wear socks, like all the time, unless I'm wearing shoes that don't require socks.  But like, for example, I NEVER walk barefoot.

.  Which brings me to this secret.  I don't like sand, or beaches for that matter.  When I was younger, my mom took me to the beach a few times and she had to carry a bucket of water to rinse the sand off of my feet.  I would stop walking because I didn't like the feeling of sand in between my toes (still don't.) 
4.  I'm an only child but I'm not a brat. :)
5. I don't like sweets. Chocolate, Cake, Cookies.  Not a big fan.  I'll have 'em maybe once every few months but I don't really care for them.
6. I secretly wish I was Italian, Greek, British, Asian, or Black.  Weird, I know.  That would be cool if I had any ancestors with this kind of heritage. :) (I'm Hispanic by the way)
7. I don't HATE anyone.  I strongly dislike people but I don't hate anyone.  I feel it takes too much negative energy to hate anyone.
8. I've always wanted an older brother.  My mom had  3 miscarriages (4 babies) before she had me.  She calls me her "miracle child"because I am the only one that made it.  She lost (I believe) four babies.  The first was a baby boy, then twins, then another baby.
9.  I get really overwhelmed and stressed when making big purchases.  (For example: We got a washer and dryer that my aunt and uncle are taking care of but during the process of buying it, I started getting really REALLY hot and nervous.  I don't do well with it. Of course, after the purchase is done, I'm okay and then I start getting excited.)
10.  I want to marry into a BIG family.

This was fun. :)

Oh! Quick update: We have until October 3rd at this skilled nursing facility!

Please keep prayin' for my momma.


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