Monday, September 5


[9 Loves]

1. My mom.  She is my hero and she is the strongest person I know.  She is funny, my friend, yet a parent first.  She knows how to make me feel better when I'm falling apart, she is simply amazing!
2. Babies.  No guys, I don't have baby fever, I've just always loved babies.  Grant it, I'm not a fan of their funny smells and snotty noses, but come on, you gotta admit they're adorable.  With that being said, I'm in NO rush to have them, I want to wait 'till I'm married and able to provide for them.  I love babies though, ugh, I just love 'em.
3. Animals. I love animals, not bugs, animals.  My favorites are cats, pandas, penguins, capuchin monkeys, small dogs, and pretty much any small animal.  There is a Humane Society like 10 minutes away from our new apartment so I'm excited to do help out once we both move in there.  Also, I want to work at a zoo because my mom did the same and I feel it would be a great experience to work at a zoo.  I feel like animals are amazing because they don't judge you or put you down.  I saw this on facebook: animals > people and I completely agree. :)
4.   Television.  I feel like most people watch television, even at a glimpse, every day.  There is so much that television shows us.  There is plenty of negative, unfortunately, but there is plenty of positive as well.  As an aspiring television producer I love watching television and getting ideas.  My favorite television shows are shown at the left under "All Time Favorites".  I'm serious guys, these are amazing! Shonda Rhimes is amazing as well! (Ahem, Grey's Anatomy!)
5.  Movies.  Lately, I haven't been able to watch many new movies seeing as we are living at the skilled nursing facility but we did watch Madea's Family Reunion.  It was pretty good. My favorites though include You've Got Mail, One Fine Day, Harry Potter, While You Were Sleeping, oh dear there are so many others as well.  My favorites are romantic comedies and also movies from the 90s. :)    
6. The smell of fall.  I love it.  It's a reminder that the holidays are near.  My favorite is that first time you smell "fall" in the year.  I love it!
7. Seafood.  I love scallops and tilapia and orange roughy and shrimp and clams and lobster.  Aaah! My favorite restaurant is Red Lobster.  Yum!
8. Volunteering.  I love meeting new people and helping out.  I love helping with little kids especially, they are just so fun, they make me miss my childhood but I get to relive it with them.  They make me happy.  I love volunteering.
9. Performing. I love dancing, singing, acting, or playing the violin in front of people.  That doesn't mean I don't get nervous though, I definitely do but I still love it.  I especially love the feeling right after you're done and people clap and cheer, it gives me goosebumps.  I also love the feeling right as you start and you realize "wow, I love doing this".  I LOVE performing. :)

Please keep praying for my mom. Thank you.


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