Tuesday, September 13


[7 Wants]
1.  Cure for cancer.  I HATE this disease.  Wherever you turn, it's like, there it is again, and there and there… I don't like it.  It doesn't just affect people and then it's gone, if you are diagnosed in late stages, it sticks with you, or if you are in remission the fear is always there.  Bottom line, I want there to be a cure for it.

2. World Peace.  I know, this is a bit cheesy but I hate war.  I wish that our troops could just stay here and help the community, I don't like them having to go to war or fight.  I don't like people being mean and fighting.  I want world peace.

3.  Happiness.  I want people to be happy, truly happy.  I want my mom to be happy.  I want to be happy.  Happiness is very important for me but sometimes it isn't that easy to find.  

4.  Health. I want health.  My mom is sick and it's just crazy how easy it is to lose your health.  I want to be healthier and I want to be able to prevent getting any diseases, if I can.  I want people to be healthy and not have diseases.  
5.  Graduate in Four Years.  My degree plan shows that the goal is to graduate in five years.  I've already completed my freshman year, so there would only be four more years, but I want to graduate in four years because I want to start working.  While I'm working, then I'll start on my Master's.   

6.  I want to not worry all the time.  I miss the days where I was a bit more carefree.  I didn't let things affect me as much but now they do.  If my mom's stomach hurts, I freakout, my mind starts wandering and then I'm stressed out.  If I sneeze once or twice I start worrying I'm getting sick, which I can't afford because then I'll get my mom sick.  So, I get stressed.

7.  I want this to get better in general, everywhere. No more suffering.  
P.S. Please pray for my mom.


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