Tuesday, September 6


[8 Fears]

1. Diseases/Death.  I have a family history of cancer and other scary diseases.  I don't like them at all and I want to do EVERYTHING I can to prevent getting cancer, mainly.  My mom tells me that if she would've gone to the doctor more and not worried about work and money all the time maybe they would've caught the cancer in time.  I also hate the idea of death because it's not reversible.  Whenever bad things happen I always try to put them in perspective and realize that it's not the end of the world or that it's not final, but with death it is.  I don't like funerals, death or anything depressing like that.  It's a big fear of mine.
2. Bugs (especially cockroaches and bees).  The "c" are probably one my biggest fears along with crickets and grasshoppers and bees.  Pretty much if it flies, crawls, stings, has little legs, I'm scared of it.  I'm not even a fan of lady bugs! I know, it's a problem.  Whenever I see a live "c" I go into panic mode, you REALLY don't want to see me when I go into freakout mode, trust me.  So that's definitely a big big fear.
3.  Heights.  I know, kind of predictable but it's true.  I don't like being so high up, my legs start to get numb and shaky and then my chest and entire body feel funny.  It's so scary! I don't like it.  Taking off in planes is a bit scary but landing is the best! I do want to go on a hot air balloon ride though, once I'm older, as a way to conquer one of my fears.
4.  Rollercoasters. Confession: I've never ridden a rollercoaster in my life and for good reason.  I don't like going anywhere fast especially in the air.  This kind of ties into the last fear but it definitely deserved it's own number.  Ahh, they're so scary!
5. Not having enough time.  I want to do so much in my life that I want to take full advantage of it.  Life is too short and I want to do so much.  Not having enough time to do things I want to do is definitely a fear of mine.
6. Escalators.  (This is a dumb one) I don't like going down escalators.  I'm always scared of getting my shoes or pants stuck and then falling all the way down the escalator.  It's dumb, I know but it's a small fear I have.
7. Highways (super crazy Jetson-y high) (mainly going too fast on highways).  Quick statement: I learned how to drive in less than 10hrs (through lessons) and everything was fast, fast, fast, there wasn't time to learn how to drive on the highways.  So people driving too fast on highways is my fear, I would have no problem getting on highways if there was NOBODY there, now obviously that is an unrealistic expectation but that's the thing.  I have a fear of other crazy drivers on the highways.
8. Getting stuck in an elevator.  I've seen this happen on tv or in movies but I'm always scared that nobody would hear me or that I'd be stuck with creepy people.  Ugh, I don't know, it's a scary thought.  


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