Wednesday, September 28

The first 24.

So, some of y'all may have heard/read that my mom passed away yesterday [Sept. 26] night making this the first of my new kind of blog posts.  I won't be talking as much about cancer, disease, death, chemo, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities.  I can almost hear the relief in y'all. JK. So here is what I think is important to know.

The last few days of my mom's life weren't the best.  I had a feeling yesterday that it was time.  I won't go into the details because I don't want those to be the ones I remember her by but I'll say one thing: I was holding her hand when it happened.  I thanked her several times for being MY MOM, and for being such a great one and that I would make her proud and that everything would be okay.  This experience has been the BIGGEST life-changer in my life.  I feel at peace.  Yes, I do get sad at times but it's wonderful to know my mom is having a blast in heaven with my grandma, my great-grandpa and all my other brothers and sisters.  I do wish she would come in my dreams though, that would be awesome. I am not even as depressed or sad as I thought I would be and I'm very proud of myself for that.  So, with that being said, here is what I did today.

Now that I will be living with my aunt and uncle (my mom's friends of more than 30 years) I will have to get used to a new lifestyle.  One of them being, my aunt doesn't cook. At all. I can though! Well, anyway the cooking will come later but she likes going out for breakfast the majority of the time. So today we were looking for a restaurant to get breakfast that I would likely never go to again because I didn't want depressing memories.  Then we ate there.  After that, my aunt and I went shopping for my mom's "viewing clothes".  Then at 3pm we had the appt with the funeral director.  That was weird but…and here is sign number one from my momma.  My mom used to play the mandolin and I played/will play the violin.  About 10 seconds after we arrived there we saw (in the flower shop inside) two statues: an angel playing the mandolin and an angel playing the violin!! Crazy right? So we will have those in the chapel at the funeral home. I won't go into great detail with everything else but let me just say that it is going to be beautiful. After that, my aunt, uncle (who had gone to the funeral home also with us) and I all went to Olive Garden. [I had Seafood Alfredo…YUM!!!].  Anyway, after that we returned to their house and then later we saw Parenthood.  I was able to convince them to watch it!

Things have not been so bad.  My aunt and uncle and friends and family have been so supportive.  I wanted to thank y'all for supporting me during this time.  Alex, if you are reading this, thank you for everything. My aunt wants me to get my new room decorated to my liking which is very nice.

I'm getting sleepy but I just wanted to say thank you all for all the prayers and everything.  I will try to blog pretty frequently to not hang on to anything.


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