Monday, September 26

Never the same again.

I am going to make this quick but I just wanted to update y'all and get this out of my brain.

We are in hospice.  Well, technically my mom is in hospice, but when it comes to us, everything is "we" so, we are in hospice.  Hospice is a place were people that are extremely sick go to get extreme comfort care.  No chemo, no other medicine to help anything, except for pain and anxiety, and no other treatment is given here.  Friday, September 16 was when we found out.  I won't go into detail because I'm too overwhelmed right now. I am writing this so I could ask y'all to please pray for my mom as well as me.  I usually only ask for prayers for my mom because she is fighting this sucky stage IV cancer but now, from now on, it will only be me left in this tiny family of ours.  So that is why I need y'alls prayers too.  Her body is too tired of fighting, that's what the oncologist's nurse practitioner said.  We moved to the hospice unit on the 19th.  Things have slowly declined.  When we found out on friday, they told us they basically don't know how long she has.  I'm writing this as I'm praying and hoping that today is not her last day with me.  I miss her already because she has been sleeping pretty much since tuesday/wednesday.

So, please please pray.  Thank you.


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