Friday, September 30

One of the hardest/weirdest days.

Today was my mom's viewing.  I think the word I used most was weird.  I kept thinking all day "This is weird, it's just not real, it's weird" but unfortunately it is completely real (Stage 1: Denial) One good thing that kept me going all day was just the strength that I've found I've had/gotten from my sweet momma.  Of course though, when we got there (my aunt, uncle and I) and we set up the music and stuff and I CD played the two songs my mom wanted. OH DEAR, waterworks.  Yeah, I broke down twice before everybody got there (medium kind) and then a little at the very end of everything.

Not to toot my own horn but the collage I made is SO AMAZING, she would have been very proud.  I also displayed a Mother's Day present I gave her [Reasons Why You Are An Amazing Mom] and a graduation present I gave her thanking her for everything she had done for me.  People kept complimenting me concerning that and I was very glad they liked it.  I also made a little powerpoint that I had at the front.  I did take pictures of everything around my mom, not my mom because I wanted to remember her in better days but the setup of everything was really nice.  I'll show y'all pictures later, they're in my aunt's camera and she doesn't have a connector USB thingy but for now, here is a picture of the carnation I brought from my mom's viewing.

Here's a quick recap of the day:
-Woke up SUPER tired after getting 4hrs of sleep.
-Ate some food my uncle brought (chicken nuggets)
-Headed to my mom's viewing.
-Arrived and set up everything.  (Got a little emotional)
-Around 2pm people started coming and going.
-It was really nice seeing people come and support my mom (in spirit) and me (on earth, of course). It was nice to see old friends and see family again.  
-I wasn't that overwhelmed.
-People were VERY supportive.
-I ate some Burger King with friends at the funeral home's breakroom.
-The Rosary started at 7pm.  
-Pastor Michael gave a wonderful speech.
-I spoke and didn't fall apart!
-My mom's friend and coworker, Sylvia, gave a wonderful eulogy/speech.
-My Aunt Estelle gave a beautiful speech and even got choked up [I've never in my life seen her cry]
-People were leaving and saying bye, I got some numbers and emails and such and even found some on Facebook!
-Left with my aunt and uncle and friends (to be dropped off at dorms) and got home to look at all the wonderful gifts from friends and family. 
-Tomorrow we will go back to the funeral home to pick up the flowers and donate them and then we'll get financial stuff settled and maybe go to the new apartment.  
-I have an appt with a counselor at school on Monday.
-Teachers have been very understanding.

(I'm probably missing out on a lot of stuff but I got the highlights)

"If I'm half the woman, mother and friend she was, I know my life will be a wonderful one"
 (or something of that sort)

Please pray for my Aunt Mimi that the cyst on her kidney is benign. 
Thank you!


Mimi said...

So proud of the woman you have become -you mother did such a wonderful job! I always admired her hard work.

I hope your first day back at school was smooth. Thank you for thinking of me - I get more tests tomorrow. We'll keep you posted.

Love you lots!
Aunt Mimi

Amy Cassandra said...

Thank you so much Aunt Mimi.
It wasn't that bad.
Thank you, please do.

Love you lots!!

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