Saturday, November 5

{WFTM}: Donor and Meltdown

I have been thinking about this one decision I made recently for the past several months.  Because I am living with my aunt and uncle, I needed to change the address for my driver's license and my other ID.  While I was filling out the information online, there was a question I had encountered a while earlier.  Did I want to be an organ and tissue donor? Last time I had encountered this, my mom saw my reaction (freakout) to it and just told me that I should do whatever felt right.  At the moment, I quickly checked no because the idea freaked me out.  Well that changed recently.

A few days after Valentine's Day (2011) my friend's dad passed away suddenly, he was an organ and tissue donor.  I saw through a social networking site that her dad's organs helped at least two other people, and that's when I knew I had changed.  If I were to pass, I would want others to be helped.  The complete change didn't come into play until this week.  I put myself as an organ and tissue donor and I got my new driver's license and ID.  It is official. I believe this is a huge step.  I'm not scared about stuff as much.  I don't turn away whenever something scares me and I strongly believe my mom would be proud of me for growing up and making important decisions like this as an adult.  

As far as healing, I had an adventurous session with Dr. Tucker on Monday.  I was fine, just doing the usual recap of the prior week, you know, when suddenly, HELLO FLASHBACK.  This happens sometimes and I usually just try to think about something completely different but then we tried something else.  So I described the flashback in complete detail, every sight, smell, touch, everything.  I am glad to be able to tell y'all I have not had that flashback since! Trust me though, it was pretty bad it was like a 9/10 on the meltdown scale.  Describing a flashback completely in detail will make them not pop into your head.  

So, guys, thank you all for the good luck! It's working!


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