Sunday, November 6


I have been working on the PSA for my Video Production and it has been very challenging.  I have overcome obstacles and I'm trying to balance so many other projects and events in my life.  I believe my mom would've been proud of how I'm handling everything.  I have not been scared to take risks when it comes to ideas for my PSA about domestic violence, if I have an idea, I try different things to get that shot I want and am not scared about the what-ifs.  It's great knowing I'm not scared to try new things.

I also wanted to mention something about my progress on the whole healing situation.  Pretty much every weekend since my mom's passing, there have been couples (at my job) who choose to have Ave Maria sung or played on the organ/piano.  I have been getting teary-eyed every single time I hear that piece.  My mom's name was Maria and one time for a violin recital I played Ave Maria, she loved that piece, it always made her cry tears of joy.  Well, during these weekends since her passing, I had cried every single time and this past weekends something happened.  I did not cry, nor did I get sad by listening to the piece! I consider this a major accomplishment in the healing department.  Don't you think? I feel I'm getting back to the normalcy again and I know my mom would've been proud of my strength too.

I still have moments where I feel like she's still alive and I'm just at school or something but then it hits me.  I wouldn't say I'm not in emotional pain but I would say I am getting closer to being the new Amy I'm supposed to be.  No longer a daughter first, but a young adult first.  I have begun making plans for the future and trying new things, however exciting or not exciting they may be but trying nonetheless.  I know my mom is looking down from heaven and smiling that wonderful way she could because she is so proud of me.  I guess strength runs in the family right?


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