Friday, March 30


So I've realized I've been missing in action for about a month.  I guess I just needed a break from blogging because everything has been in fast forward since I last blogged.  But, here are the highlights.  Oh and I will try to blog more frequently.

-I was invited to join Alpha Chi which is an honor society for juniors and seniors!!! I'm pretty freaking proud of this accomplishment because I know my mom would've been so proud of me.  Oh, and the inductions? Yeah, those will be held on my mom's birthday.  Coincidence? I think not.
-It's been 6 months and four days since I've lost my mom and today I had a meltdown.  A GINORMOUS one.  One of those super draining ones, yeah, it was pretty bad.  I was expecting it to be at the 6th month mark but I guess it was delayed.  Sometimes, it really hits me how alone I am.  Don't get me wrong, I have friends and such but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't want my mom here.
-Last week, in my Intro to Technical Production class, we had to climb really high up to look at some technical aspects of theatre and oh my goodness, that was scary! Another thing, I killed a bug in my room like two days ago.  Another tremendous accomplishment for Amy! My mom would've been freaking proud.
-School will be over in about a month and I'm SO BEYOND EXCITED!  I'm not gonna lie, this has been one of my less favorite semesters.  I'm looking forward to the Fall 2012 semester so I can get back to acting! :)))
-Speaking of which, in my Video Production II class, we filmed our "How-To" videos and that was nice. I was director this time which was kind of empowering but the fun part was actually helping a friend and her group out.  I was one of their talents and oh dear! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I basically did a semi-Good-Morning-America-esque kind of a segment. It was live for class so it was way fun! I love being in front of the camera :)

I think that's it for now.  I'm missing a lot but I will keep y'all more updated. :)


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