Thursday, April 12


Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to tell you I have filed my taxes.  ALL BY MYSELF. That's right, you read right.  I walked right up into the H&R Block near my school and did it! I walked in and said "I'm here to do my taxes" and the lady smiled and made me fill out this one paper and I waited.  I guess, looking back on it now, why else would I have gone to H&R Block during tax season? I must have had the same grin I had when I first voted when I was 18.  It was fun though!

I had been with my mom to H&R Block previous years to file our taxes but being there with your mom and doing them on your own are two very different things.  I had a whole bunch of papers and such that my aunt and I kept and I had a folder and everything.  I told Kathy (the nice lady doing my taxes) the whole story, my mom and my situation now.  I mean, you know, just the tax-related things.  There were three ladies there and by the time I left, all three of them knew my situation.  It was nice though because they were all so understanding.

These are clever. 
We did my mom's taxes first and then mine.  Hers were more complicated but [and this is the good news] I will be getting a refund! Thanks momma! Not gonna lie though, it was really hard to be giving them information about her and to once again hold her death certificate in my hand.  I didn't like it one bit but I know my mom is beyond proud of me for doing this by myself.  My aunt volunteered to go with me but I felt that this was something I needed to do and figure out on my own.

Next, we did my taxes and long story short, I owe the IRS money. I know, it's sad.  But, and get this, I payed more to H&R Block for doing my complicated taxes than I will pay the IRS.  Isn't that weird? Well, their help was definitely needed and appreciated so it was all worth it.  All I have to do is go to the UPS store and get some stuff settled and then I will mail the information and get my mom's tax return in 5-7 weeks!

I am BEYOND proud of myself.  My aunt even told me herself how proud she is of me.  You know, sometimes, I believe we all surprise ourselves by how mature we become or how brave we become when faced with obstacles in life.  This is definitely one of those momma peacock moments for my mom.  I'm so excited to get the return and save it for Rome!!!! (I'm still crossing my fingers).

Well, until next time guys! Thanks for reading!


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