Monday, May 28

Birthday & Family

So, fellow readers, yours truly is officially no longer a teenager! Whoohoo! That's right ladies and gentlemen, I'm 20! As of May 25, 2012 7:28pm I officially turned 20.  I am still in shock I think.  This week and especially my birthday were overwhelming and hectic.  I will recap it of course.

My aunt had her balloon procedure (heart) on the 24th.  She got out at around 3pm on the 25th.  She's doing very well!!! :)

So I've previously mentioned "my special someone", well, his name is Mickey, yes, like the mouse.  Well, this past week was especially tough for him and his family.  His grandmother went to heaven and this thursday and friday were the services.  I was honestly so blessed to have met her and talked with her a few times, she made me feel so comfortable.  I, unfortunately, can relate to his mom and his aunts and uncles as y'all know about my mom's passing.  The viewing was held on thursday (24th) and the burial on the 25th.  It was difficult but I feel my mom would be very proud of how I did with everything-even with all the tears.  I won't go into much detail but I learned a lot about family this week.

I've mentioned before how I'm not that close to my family.  My maternal grandmother passed away before I was born and the rest of the family (for the most part) didn't treat my mom with respect.  AT ALL.  We lived in Mexico for four years and that's where pretty much all of our family was located.  Now, they are a bit more diffused but still, we aren't close. My mom and I moved back to my hometown when I was 8 because of major family issues and we stayed here ever since.  I've been contacted by some family members (distant family members) through Facebook so it's pretty cool.  I find it interesting how things work, you know? My mom had wanted to get in touch with the family because she didn't want me to be alone and now it's like tadaa!! I don't know if this makes much sense but I'll say this.  I came to find that family is whoever treats you with respect, protects you, loves you, makes you happy and all those warm, fuzzy things.  Just because you're blood-related to someone may not necessarily make you family.  Family is much more than that.  Which brings me to my next point.

Spending this time with Mickey's family really made me happy.  Like cheesy happy.  Despite all they've gone through, they are so strong and they stick together.  They are there for each other through everything.  Even on the 25th, after Mickey's grandmother's burial, we all went to her house and they had this big family get together.  One of the many things I learned about Mickey's grandmother (during the viewing/services) was that she loved to make a bunch of food and invite everybody over to her house and just enjoy each other's company.  That's exactly what happened after the burial-which just so happened to be my birthday too.  They, get this guys, they made me a cake AND sang me happy birthday!!! It was seriously the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.  I feel like it's something my mom would totally have done! IT WAS SO NICE.  I almost cried tears of joy.  No joke.  I felt so welcome and part of the family, as cheesy as that sounds.  I absolutely love spending time with all of them and feel like my mom is so beyond happy.
This is kind of what the cake looked
like except it was much better!

The rest of my birthday celebrations were nice too.  It's kind of been like a birthday weekend.  So it's been nice.  Here was my birthday weekend in a nutshell:

Fri. May 25th-BIRTHDAY!
-Had like two hours of sleep the night before.  I have no clue why I couldn't go to sleep.
-Went to periodontist appt at 7:30am.  I have perfect teeth!
-Got a taco from local mexican restaurant my mom and I used to go to! LOVE THAT PLACE!!
-Went to burial.
-Went to family get together.
-Went to work. Got paid!
-Mickey and I went to Red Lobster.  Happy Birthday was sung to me!
-Aunt and Uncle gave me wonderful presents!

Sat. May 26th-Day after!
-Woke up 30 min. after I was supposed to be at work.  Everything was okay.  I just felt super guilty even though everything was already taken care of, they just wanted extra help.
-Ate first meal of the day at almost 5pm-with Saundra! (My boss)
-Had small get together with Brianna and Mickey. The rest of my friends couldn't make it :(

Sun.  May 27th-Two days after!
-Went to Target. Got gorgeous dress! (Mickey's present for me!)
-Went to movie theatre and had dinner theatre.  (We saw MIB 3-really good)

And it's not over!!!!

Sorry for this post being so overly long, I just had a lot I wanted to share! :)

Please pray for my aunt, Mickey and his entire family. Thank you!


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