Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day Momma!

So, one of the most important holidays (in my book) has officially started.  Mothers Day.  My mom and I also celebrated Mother's Day in Mexico (May 10 every year) but this past May 10 was very crazy, so I will definitely make it a point to celebrate today! I wanted to just brag out my mom for a while and end with a letter (just like on her birthday post).

So here's the deal.  I know we all brag about our momma's but seriously mine was as good as they come.  She was one heck of a woman.  I mean from day one, when after all the miscarriages she had had prior to me, she found out I was actually going to make it.  She was going to have a baby.  She had complications through the pregnancy, and she went through everything to get me. We're talking shots and craziness.  Once she had me, I became her world.  She worked three jobs to put food on the table, she never complained.  She was one tough cookie.  Yet, her generosity, kindness and gentleness were immensely apparent as she raised me.  She NEVER spanked me or hit me.  NOTHING.  I'm not trying to make it sound like I was one spoiled kid either. She disciplined me when necessary and all but she did it so well, no cuss words were ever thrown around.  As I got older, she became my friend.  Even as a teenager, we maintained the bond that so many mothers and daughters wish they had.  We went out and did girly things, we had our traditions.  We were each others best friends.  When she got sick, our friendship grew and we became like sisters as well.  We were each others rock.  In short, because it would take a whole book to describe the immense gratitude and love I have for my mother, my mom was one funny, smart, motherly, feisty, gentle, do-anything-for-her-child, sweet, honest, brave, strong, wise, know-exactly-what-to-say-when-to-say-it, BEST HUGGER, adventurous, always-work-for-more-never-settle, eager, excited for life, best friend-sister-mother combo, I-will-always-love-you, best-person-I-ever-had-the-pleasure-of-meeting kind of woman.  If I grow up to be even half the woman she was, I know I will have been successful.

So, for the letter.

Dear Ma/Momma/Mommy/Mamasita,

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I hope this Mother's Day is especially wonderful because you get to spend it with your mom as well! Please tell her hi for me! Thanks! Well, so for Mother's Day, I wanted to make sure and do something nice for you, so we are going out to eat, I don't know where yet but I will make sure to eat something you would have wanted to eat! Also, you are welcome to read the above paragraph.  :) It's all true.  I want to tell you so much more and all that good stuff but I should leave some of it for the book that I will write about you.  Remember? I didn't forget mama. :)

    Thank you for being such a fantastic, wonderful, amazing, magnificent mom to me.  I know you are still watching over me and will be guiding me the rest of my life.  It's nice to know I have a guardian angel.  Haha. The first time I wrote "angel" I accidentally wrote "angle", well, you probably saw that.  :) Thank you for being my mom and for giving me the strength and wisdom to do everything.  I will continue to make you proud and try new things.  I will do so much momma, you will amazed!

    So, lastly, mamasita.  Te quiero mucho! I'm practicing my Spanish more (I know you would be happy about that, haha) and I will work hard and live my life to the fullest.  I love you with all my heart baby and I hope you have a heavenly Mother's Day sweet momma! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Love, forever your daughter and best friend, 


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful babygirl <3 i love you. you are an amazing person and i am so glad that you are my mini me, sister, best friend, and little one. :) i know it was God who brought us closer together with all that we have gone through... you mean the world to me <3 i love you tons and i know your mom n my brother are smiling down on us and keeping us safe :D always and forever.
love you babygirl <3 <3 so much.

Amy Cassandra said...

I'm so completely blessed to have met you and I'm so excited to see you in the fall!!! I completely agree with all of this and right back atcha! <3


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