Monday, July 9

Growing Up

I have absolutely no idea how a month can just fly by like that! It's insane, I know! But, here's to catching up on all of the highlights!

I've been trying new things and I've grown up in many ways since I last blogged (right after my birthday).  Here's a list:

1.  I drive on highways now! If you know me, you know that I've never been a fan of highways because I don't trust people and their driving skills and putting speed into the mix used to a fear of mine especially since I learned how to drive in about eight hours.  Long story short, I drive on highways now! My special someone helped me with it and I could not be more thankful! <3

2. I am now a server at Cracker Barrel! That's right, yours truly now has TWO JOBS.  Trust me guys, I really don't recommend it because I work 6/7 days of the week and it's very exhausting.  Two jobs along with two summer classes is insane but I've only got one more week and then I'm done with classes (until August 20).  But like I was saying, yup! I'm a server.  Tips have been pretty good.  I was just looking to get some extra cash so I could save for Rome (still crossing my fingers) and for one day moving to my future home, those of you who know me know where that is.  :)

3.  I've flown on a plane on my own! My aunt and uncle and I went up to New Hampshire for my aunt's niece's wedding.  It was absolutely beautiful!  We also visited the area around.  It was nice! On the way back, I was a bit nervous at first but I just flew on my own and everything! ALL THE WAY FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE! Living in the south, that's a lot! :)

It's crazy how much I've grown up since December and obviously since my mom's passing in late September.  I try new things like nobody's business.  I think like an adult 95% of the time and I'm always trying to save money.  It's insane.  

I believe my sweet momma is proud of me and happy that I've become a semi-adult.  I mean, I'm only 20.  :)


cassey.yo said...

Im so proud of you little one <3 you are growing into such a BEAUTIFUL person. :) You mom would be so very proud of you and i know that for a fact. And i am SO glad that you drive on highways... :D YAY! Party time! LOL. Anyways, Im super proud of you!! <3 hugs.

>(O.O)< [that is my blob hugging you!!!]

Amy Cassandra said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH MAMA!! It means the world to me to have you in my life. <3


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