Wednesday, May 9

Weight, Family and Spurt of Energy

Y'all will not believe this but I've lost 16.5 pounds! Isn't that great? I have been on a high since I weighed myself this morning.  It feels so good to be getting in shape and eating right.  Seriously, the best decision I've made in a long time.  It's crazy because I never thought about completely cutting out Coke from my drinks but it just kind of happened.  After my implant surgery (tooth), I didn't want Coke to be affecting my gums or teeth so I stuck with water and then, next thing I knew, I hadn't had a Coke in four days and so that's when I began keeping track of how long I could go without drinking a soda.  To this day, I haven't had soda (with the accidental drinkage of Ginger-Ale-two sips).  No, get this, I actually got nightmares that I drank soda.  Haha.  Now, it's been a little over four months! I've been exercising way more and I enjoy it because I try different things.  Since school ended, therefore Zumba for a while, I have begun creating my own version of Zumba at home.  Starting this monday, I've been exercising for an hour  every day.  It's been really nice.  I've been keeping track of my calories and I look forward to losing more weight!  It's been nice too because my special someone is also being healthy, he's lost 24.6 pounds! He's been exercising too.  12-inch stepper thing is his cup of tea. :) It's amazing what determination can do. I'm so proud us.  I hope know my momma is.

Other news: My mom wanted for the longest time to get in touch with some family members and family friends.  We had the hardest time trying to get a hold of them and now, through the wonders of facebook, and my mom's sneaky ways (in heaven), I have gotten in touch with many of them, well actually, they've gotten in touch with me.  Long story short, the woman who used to babysit my mom when she was 10, Tila, is going to come into town next month.  This is so ironic because she had been trying to reach us for the longest time and my mom wanted to get a hold of her especially.  I have a strong feeling my mom is working her magic from heaven.  Thank you momma! Things have a way of working themselves out.

Lastly,  this morning after working out for an hour and showering and eating, I decided to clean my room.  Now, this was a large undertaking because it's not like it's a complete mess or anything but there were things from when my mom passed that I still hadn't organized.  It's crazy because I wasn't even planning on cleaning my room yesterday.  I just woke up today and decided it would be a good idea.  I didn't completely finish but I accomplished about 93% of it.  I will continue this task another day.  I even broke a sweat moving boxes.  Intense.  I know.

Well, if these past few days are any sign of what the rest of summer is going to be like then I'm a fan.  Weight loss and productivity are wonderful!

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