Saturday, August 25

Hello, my name is Amy and I'm a college senior.

Okay so, where has the time gone? I'm a freaking college senior! I became one after last semester but it's still like, what? Anyway, I think this semester is going to be a VERY good one! So here's my review of it thus far. 

Aesthetics of Vision and Sound
-LOVE the teacher, I've had her before (the same semester my mom passed away) and she was so very helpful to me throughout the whole process
-The class sounds like it's going to be a blast! I'm so excited!
-This is part of my Comm Arts major requirement stuff

-The teacher is funny and young
-I know somebody there back from freshmen year of college and so that's nice
-The class seems interesting!
-There's a guy from Australia there and a girl from West Africa!

Intermediate Acting
-I met the teacher during the Fall 2011 semester (the semester my mom passed) during an audition in which I didn't do so hot. I was running late and everything was a mess.  I performed two monologues and they did laugh but my goodness, the song sucked! I was so nervous and I was still recovering from running.  Well, anyway, my acting teacher at the time was talking to him (my new teacher) about me so that was cool. Anyway, yes, I have him now for Intermediate Acting and the first two classes have been absolutely fantastic & wonderful & amazing & awesome!!! I'm so excited for the rest of the semester.
-My only worry is we have to impersonate someone for our first performance.  It sounds fun but the list only includes theatre folk and I don't really spend time there because I'm not a theatre major and it may surprise some of y'all but I can be shy.  But, you know what means? Somebody is going to be casually observing some people from the list! Wish me luck guys! I'm excited!
-I've only told one person this and I don't really know where it came from but I want to study acting more.  Go into it further.  
-I'm so excited to get assigned scenes!!! AAAAHHH!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!

Creative Writing: Non-Fiction
-The teacher is super nice and funny!
-It seems like it's going to be a really fun class! And, as y'all can tell, I love writing!
-I presented this review I had written which was assigned the first day and she complimented me on my presentation!! :)

Theories of Communication
-The teacher seems nice.
-It's a once-a-week class so I'm glad about that!

Social Media
-I had this teacher my first semester of college and so I know his style, he's pretty cool
-The class seems like it's going to be fun!!!
-I'm excited

So, four more things!

1. One of my closest friends, Sydney, got married August 11 in Tampa and Mickey and I were able to go! I was a bridesmaid and it was so much fun! I still cannot believe she's married! She looked absolutely beautiful!! The wedding was on a ship and it looked so nice outside! 

2. Mickey and I are looking into both being able to study abroad in Rome next semester and we went to talk with the Study Abroad Coordinator and she remembers me from December 2011! She's so nice and helpful, she gave us a bunch of information!!! We are crossing our fingers that everything will come through!

Weight loss!
3. So a while ago I went to a casting call for a show that a student at my university was starting.  I almost didn't go because of time constraints but Mickey encouraged me, he even helped me memorize the script the night before! I went ahead and had his support and guess who is the host of Off Broadway???? Yup! Yours truly! 

I will keep y'all updated with all the happenings of that but as of now, I'm finishing up the script and we'll begin shooting next week! Wish us luck!! Mickey even gets to be in charge of lighting and stuff!! Yay!! I'M SO BEYOND EXCITED FOR THIS! 

4. Lastly. I've got some wonderful news! WEIGHT for it! I've lost... 20 POUNDS!!!!! It may not seem like a lot since May but trust me, you can see the difference! I'm a size 6 now!!! My goal is to be a 4.  I'm so freaking proud of myself and I'm even getting compliments! That's nothing compared to Mickey's 44 pounds! He certainly got a lot of compliments himself too! We look really good! I'm so happy for us! We are continuing to exercise and I'm looking at starting Zumba back up again, I miss it.  I've been running a mile on the treadmill every other day and it's been fun! 

Well, tomorrow I have work at the chapel and then it's an 8-hour shift at Cracker Barrel on Sunday and then school on Monday! I will do my best to keep y'all more updated! 


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