Tuesday, September 4


Okay, so this isn't news to me but I worry. A LOT.  And well, Mickey has kindly pointed that I need to relax.  It's true.  I am always worrying.  The thing is that I over-think pretty much everything.  What if this happens? How will I be able to pay that? What if they don't let me do it? What ifs and Hows and Whys tend to run my life and I've been working on not stressing out about every single little thing! I mean, can you imagine how quickly that will age me?

See, when my mom was alive I worried about her all the time.  Most of the times it was the healthy kind of worry, you know because she was my mom and I loved/love her.  Other times it was the kind of knot-in-my-stomach-, clammy hands, can't-eat-can't-sleep kind of thing and that's when it wasn't good.  Trust me, this was the last thing my mom ever wanted for me.  But the truth is that when your mom is diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer when you're 16, your priorities shift.  I still kept being my happy, bubbly self but in the back of my mind there was always that fear of losing her. Don't get me wrong, we had PLENTY of good times even after her diagnosis and such but I was still worried.

Credit: Mickey Martinez
Now, after her passing, my worries have shifted to being able to pay bills and life after college and not having enough money or time.  Overwhelming stress-ers for a 20-year old, don't you think? I mean, it's the same story, I work hard and I have fun but I'm still stressed.  And here is where the challenge begins: I NEED TO STOP WORRYING MY BUTT OFF.

Mickey has definitely helped me with that.  And well, today we went swing dancing at a burger joint! I know! It was as fun as it sounds! We do so many fun things together and this was a definite success for blowing off steam and de-stressing.  It was even a good way to exercise! Let's just say, it is truly a blessing to have Mickey in my life.  It's almost as if God and my mom were bringing us together to help each other out in life.  It's cheesy, I know, but I really do believe that.

So, with the help of Mickey, yours truly, will focus on not over-stressing, over-thinking, or worrying too much about stuff I am already working hard for.  Wish me luck!

Happy Labor Day! Happy Tuesday!


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