Wednesday, September 19

6 months. ❤

Mickey and I have been together for six months as of today! (9.18.12)!!! I cannot believe it's already been half a year.  Seriously, that just flew by! So to celebrate we went to this fancy restaurant and stuffed our faces.  He had a hefty giftcard and we definitely did put it to good use.

Here's a summary of our wonderful experience at Fleming's:

-His first time eating calamari (he liked it!)
-Our first time eating filet minon! IT WAS SO FREAKISHLY GOOOOOOD!
-His first time eating lobster!
-His first time seeing the waiters "comb" the table for crumbs.


-Oh my goodness was it delicious or what!

So, here is a little information about us and how we got to where we are now.

We met in our Intro to Mass Comm class our first semester in college and we were kind of friends, we didn't have each other's numbers but we knew each other.  Second semester, we had a class together, Audio Production, when we exchanged numbers so if we needed to get a hold of one another we could.  We started becoming closer friends then.  That's when Mickey met my mom! It was awesome!
That summer 2011 we didn't talk too much although we began texting because I told him about my mom's health situation and our friendship just grew immensely.

Mickey ♥
During the fall of 2011, we had Video Production I together.  He helped me out with our first project, which was a countdown.  I did mine with gummy bears.  My mom got to see it and she loved it! During that semester, Mickey and I became even closer of friends.  That friday, September 16, he along with his girlfriend at the time and Katie, along with other very important people (Deidra and her family) were there for me during the hardest time. That's when Mickey saw my mom again.  That evening when they all came over to the hospital room, my mom basically told them to take care of me because this was going to be the most difficult thing I was going to have to face.  I feel Mickey has definitely done this.  

Mickey visited my mom and I at hospice.  At this time, my mom wasn't really conscious but I know deep down, she knew he was there.  He went a couple of times while we were there and it meant the world to me.  I mean, there I was.  Looking like a zombie, with hair all over the place, wearing scrubs and looking like poo and he was there for me.

When my mom passed away, he immediately asked me what he could do. He was there through it all, especially the day of the viewing.  I remember he got there early with Katie and they stayed there the entire day! He gave me hugs when I needed them and let me vent when I needed to.

After the viewing, through the healing process and my visits with Dr. Tucker, he stuck with me.  He never got annoyed by me or ignored me.  He let me cry my eyes out and then made me laugh.  He became my best friend.  The new year came and he was single and then, the rest, as you could say is history.  March 18, 2012 we got together! (A day after his mom's birthday) Yay! I know cheesy story right? But you have to admit it's one for the books.  I'm a lucky girl.  

So, that's a small little bit of my life I never really shared before! I hope y'all enjoyed this super positive post.  Here's to making this 19th (the day my mom went into hospice) an okay day. And here's to making the 26th an okay day as well.

Thank you Mickey for everything you ever did and for everything you continue to do.  These six months have been my most favorite and I look forward to everything that is to come! ;)


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