Saturday, November 24

New Kind of Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

No chocolates or roses for this gal, I'm
a sour patch & carnations kind of girl. Mickey knows
his way into this girl's heart. ♥
So, I realized I left out vital information in my last post, so here's to catch y'all up.

I mentioned about a year ago that I was going to become part of Catholic Daughters of America (CDA) and I'm proud to say I was initiated on the 18th! Let's rewind a bit though.

The following weekend after I posted, Mickey and I went to a quince where we were the photographers and videographers.  They are family members of his and we've been working with them for a bit.  It was really cool because working at the chapel, I've always been on the other side so it was nice working as a photographer! It was also amazing to be able to use Mickey's Canon t2i! It's absolutely gorgeous!!! I want one SO bad! We were alternating using it, it was fun!

On the 17th of November, my darling Mickey turned 21! I surprised him the night before with a surprise birthday party at Magic Time Machine.  The details of how I planned this are too extend and so I won't bore you with them, just know there was lying and sneaking around being done.  Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? Anyway, we rang in his 21st at midnight right after singing karaoke! We sang Twist and Shout (the day we got together-03.18.12-we watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off and so this song has special meaning to us).  That was the end of that night.  Each day starting from Thursday I had a surprise lined up for him.

Thursday 11.15  BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES!

It was an amazing weekend.  We also went to a friend's wedding dinner/reception and our school's holiday event oh and of course, my CDA initiation! I know I had an amazing time planning everything for him and I LOVED seeing his face react to all the surprises.  I shocked myself by how well I kept this surprise!

Fast forward a bit to this week/weekend.  We celebrated our first Thanksgiving together!! I, unfortunately, had to work at Cracker Barrel but was out at 2pm.  I then headed over to my aunt's house and munched a bit and then went over to Mickey's parent's house.  It was so nice to see their traditions and how they do certain things. It was pretty awesome.  It was hard celebrating yet another Thanksgiving without my momma but I'm sure she loves seeing me happy and taken care of, not just by my aunt and uncle and friends (and her friends) but also by Mickey and his amazing family.  It was nice trying something new on Thanksgiving.  I've always celebrated it with my mom, my aunt and uncle, or neighbors, never with my boyfriend's family, so this was a HUGE deal & I absolutely loved spending time with him.  ♥
CDA flowers given to new inductees. :)

We wrapped up that night by going to Target and seeing some of the Black Friday deals.  My mom and I always wanted to do the whole Black Friday thing so it was nice to venture out and so.  We got a few movies and called it a night.  Today we got a bit more shopping in! Guys, Black Friday is the real deal! If you've never done it, I strongly recommend it.  Mickey and I already have a new game plan set up for next year! Why? Because that's how we roll!


Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful and good luck on Cyber Monday my fellow shoppers!


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