Friday, November 9


Mickey and I have been wanting to try new things, so today, we did just that.  We had heard of a vegan restaurant fairly close by and decided to give it a try today after our last class of the day.  What's the verdict on this vegan restaurant? I'd say 8/10! :)

Mickey ordered two vegan chili dogs with coconut cilantro rice (the rice was to die for!!) The chili dogs smelled funny but, get this, they make their own buns! Mickey liked it. :) I ordered Garbanzo-rizo and Zuchinni tacos with black beans and corn chips.  Both meals came with a small salad that was a bit spicy but tasty! My tacos were SO good!!! 

It was hard to find this location but it was definitely well-worth it.  There weren't many people when we walked in but it started filling up as time went on.  The two servers there were nice.  It was cool to see that they decorated with Dia de los Muertos stuff, they even had an altar dedicated to someone.  They had some Mexican decorations too.  

I loved going with Mickey because even though we were a bit apprehensive, we still tried it.  I love that we can be so spontaneous and try new things like a vegan restaurant.  We help each other become better.  It's freaking amazing.  

So, next time you judge something or feel apprehensive, make sure to think about it and try new things! You'll never know what you will discover! I know, that's super cheesy but it's completely true! I've got those wonderful tacos and that rice to prove it! :) I think my mom would've loved this place's food!!!

Mickey's plate! 

My plate!
By the way, my respects to all you vegans out there.  Although we loved eating this amazing vegan food, we love meat too much and dairy and such to eat only vegan food but it was a wonderful experience! We're definitely going back to try some other plates!! I'm curious about their burger and tamales and other sides! 


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