Friday, November 30

Volare. I believe I can fly.

     It is with a heavy heart that I tell y'all these news.  I will not be studying abroad in Rome during Spring 2013.  After much consideration and crying, it is a better option to not go.  As y'all remember from my first post about studying abroad, I was pumped about it.  This was way back in December 2011.  My Italian teacher suggested I go during the spring because the weather is nicer, so I began looking into it after being apprehensive about it.
     I told my friends about it and Mickey became interested in the idea as well.  I took on a second job at Cracker Barrel to save money and to still be able to pay the bills.  At the beginning of this semester, Mickey and I went and visited Alanna and we continued the process of applying to study abroad.  Everything was fine but slowly we started realizing that, financially, this would be something very difficult.  I had money saved up to pay bills while away but my concern was about my return to the U.S. and internships and everything.  Paying for the plane ticket and passports and additional expenses were also of concern.
    After obstacle after obstacle, Mickey and I still kept persevering through and tried to figure out ways to work with them (obstacles) but then the biggest one came.  If we stayed here in the U.S. we could graduate in December 2013.  If we would go, we wouldn't graduate 'til at least Spring 2014, if not later, as some classes aren't offered every semester.  My biggest worry is that I need to graduate and get a job soon so I can start living independently. I'll be turning 21 in 175 days and as I get older I want to make sure I can get in the business and work my way up ASAP.  I will start almost anywhere. I just want to get there and do it.

     I would have loved to study abroad in Rome and learn the Italian language more but I feel that it's not God's plan for us now.  Ironically, today I found out I received the Gilman Scholarship, it's a study abroad scholarship Mickey and I had applied for a while back.  I'm not gonna lie, declining that scholarship was one of the harder things I've had to do in college. We were both extremely sad to not be able to do this but realize that everything happens for a reason, so here are the opportunities available for us here!

1. Mickey is Vice-President of To Write Love on Her Arms at our university! Congrats babe!
2. I can audition for The Memory of Water and even if I don't get in, I'll have added experience.
3. I can cut down on the amount of time I work at Cracker Barrel. (I'll tell y'all more about that another time).
4. I can volunteer here and put in my application for graduation in January.
I must have God's side hurting from all the laughing.  Haha.  
5. We can possibly continue Off Broadway!
6. I can not be as restricted financially!
7. We get amazing classes here!
8. We can graduate in December 2013 (God willing).
9. We won't miss all those spring holidays with loved ones.
10. I can continue participating in events with Catholic Daughters, TWLOHA and maybe if our Associated for Women in Communications organization grows on campus, I can be an officer!

Yes.  I'm very sad that this didn't work out but I know that God and my mom have bigger plans for me.  This just wasn't meant to be, not now.  So, wish us luck as we finish this semester strong!


Marsa said...

sometimes its hard when things do go as you planned but you're right, God does have a plan for you and even though it might not be what we want, it's probably whats best for us :)

emi said...

sorry you won't be in rome! but you have a great perspective on it all.. your blog is beyond darling, and we are your new followers!
come enter our giveaway here!!

Amy Cassandra said...

Thank you ladies!

Emi, y'all got yourselves another follower!

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