Saturday, December 15


My beautiful campus! 

Guys, I'm gonna graduate from college in year.  Hold the phone. I know. A year! That's like, nothing! I'm so excited.  I want to find a good job that I can start out with and begin getting paid for what I like to do! Aaah! Anyway, back to the present, I will recap my classes and how I did. I AM SO GLAD TO BE DONE WITH FINALS AND MY 6TH SEMESTER OF COLLEGE!! :D

THIS is what I thought about these classes at the beginning of the semester.

Aesthetics of Vision and Sound
-It was a fun class!
-We watched two foreign films and Pride and Prejudice near the end of the semester which I LOVED!
-I learned a tremendous amount of stuff in that class! Simply amazing!
-I'll be taking a class from this teacher again next semester, it's called Writing the Script! Holy cow! I know. I'm pumped!

-Honestly? A weird class, so I'm glad it's over.
-I met cool people and got to give fun speeches, so I did learn but...still. :)

Intermediate Acting
-Amazing class.
-Tougher than I thought, different teaching methods.
-Hard grader :(
-Impersonation assignment=brilliant.
-Final scene was stressful.  I'm such an overthinker.
I love my school. #nerdalert
{I already got assignments for Advanced Acting next semester! Heck yes! :) This class will be taught with my Acting in Everyday Life and Beginning Acting teacher.  Yepee!}

Theories of Communication
-Learned some stuff! :)

Social Media
-Learned A LOT!
-Fun class and classmates! :)

So that's my review of the classes! Hope y'all enjoyed!
I will be blogging shortly about a 48-Hour Film Experience I participated in!

P.S. I'm making changes to my blog so stay tuned! :)

On a serious note, I also wanted to send thoughts and prayers out to the victims of the horrible shooting in Newtown, CT.  It's absolutely heartbreaking and I just pray to God that everything gets better and that he comforts those in mourning.


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