Monday, December 31


Well, as with many bloggers out there, I feel it's super important to 
recap the year in a post, so here's my attempt to do so!
{I'll be focusing on happy things}


-Found the second love of my life...


-Went to my first nightclub!

-Got dental implant!

-Stopped drinking soda!

-Filmed stuff for Eventually Cool!

Spooky Singles


-Saw Kelly Clarkson in concert for the second time!!!

-Went to G-ton with some friends!

Our first picture together, before we got together.  haha.  

-Got confirmed!


-Went to visit family in the Valley!

-Got together with the love of my life-Mickey!!! {03.18.12}

Our first date.  Downtown. 3.25.12 :)


-Celebrated Easter with Mickey's family!

-Got inducted into Alpha Chi 
(Honor Society for Upperclassmen)

With Deidra!!

-Filed taxes all by myself!


-Sang in the Baccalaureate Mass!

-Discovered my love for raspberries, blueberries & blackberries!

-Turned 20!

-Learned to drive on highways!


-Started working at Cracker Barrel = Good cash flow for the summer. 

-Went to festival with Mickey! 


-Went to Sara's wedding in New Hampshire!

-Saw a quick glimpse of Harvard!

-Flew on my own back home!

-Lost a total of 20 pounds


-Went to Sydney's wedding (as a bridesmaid) with Mickey in Tampa! 

Weight loss for both of us!

-Became classified as a college senior!

-Started 5th semester of college!


-Went swing dancing with Mickey!

-Celebrated Mickey's parents' 23rd anniversary!

-Mickey and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary

-Tried and enjoyed Creme Brulee!


-Filmed my first PSA!

-Mickey and I volunteered with the Diabetes Walk (JDRF)

-Zombie Walk & our first Halloween together!


-Voted in my first presidential election!

-Dia de los Muertos Festivities!

-Went to Vegan Restaurant!

-Went and filmed/took pictures of a quince as Mickey's assistant!

-Celebrated Mickey's 21st Birthday!

-Celebrated Thanksgiving with Mickey's family (& my aunt and uncle separately)


-Participated in first 48-Hour Film Festival!

-Mickey and I decorated our first Christmas tree together!

-Went to Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA


(& snow tubed, saw Pacific Ocean, went to the Northwest! and faced my fear of heights)

I guess you could say that this year treated me very well.  I know my momma 
would be very proud of how I'm doing.  I still can't believe I lived a whole year without my mom, 2012 was lived without her here.  A part of me is freakishly proud and another part of me is extremely sad.  I had a lot of firsts this year and I wish I could have shared those with her but for now, I'll just know she's watching me from above sharing those moments with me.  

I can't believe I'm 20, or that I found the most amazing guy in the world, or that I saw snow this year, or that I even had two jobs for 5 months while taking on a full course load at school.  I'm just blessed and thankful to God and my sweet momma for all the blessings they've given me and even though we lost some loved ones this year,  I know they're in heaven having a blast.  

So, thank you 2012 for being much better for me than 2011 was. 
Thank you for my loved ones.  Here's to 2013 being even better! 
I can't wait for all that is to come!
I know I'll certainly be ringing it in with some of my favorite people! ;)


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