Monday, December 17

48-Hour Film Experience!

So, as promised in the last post, I will talk about participating in my first ever: 
48-Hour Film Experience.  

It all started a few months ago, when some of my Comm Arts friends asked me to be a part of their team as "talent" (that's what on-camera people are called) so I immediately said "Duh!" Mickey came on board a bit later as Assistant DP (Director of Photography).  I knew this was going to be a blast.

So here's the premise of this Film Experience.  Each team (or director and asst. director actually) go to this place on friday evening at 8pm and get the genre and location.  The theme was retro. Our genre was horror and location was 50s.  All teams would have 48 hours to film, edit and everything to turn it in by 8pm that Sunday.  And so it started!

That friday night several people got together to write the script/rough outline and the rest of us got info for Saturday (shooting day).  And so, after a slow start that Saturday, we were off!

That's me!!! 
We filmed (almost) everything on campus because its architecture is very 50s and it was perfect!! 

Just some of us. :)

I played the new girl out of town who's being haunted by The Clique (behind me).  
Then, everything takes a turn! Dun...dun...dun!!!
In the wee hours of the morn'. 

We finished filming that night/early morning Sunday at around 1am. We were freakishly exhausted but so excited to see the final product!!! That following morning I had to meet the crew at a local high school to shoot a shot and then we wrapped filming! Then it was crunch time! They turned it in in the knick of time.  :)

Mickey and I the last day of shooting. Bright & Early. 

Next up was the screening that week.  I was so pumped and excited! I couldn't believe all the people that were there! Even more so, all the people that were gonna see MY FACE on a BIG SCREEN! I could hardly contain myself.  I was like a little kid! 
MY FACE on the freakin' BIG SCREEN! Oh. my. goodness.
My momma would've been so proud!! ♥

Everybody's films were very nice.  Although, I did think ours was just the bees knee's.  Haha. Get it? :)
We went to celebrate after the screening at a local Mexican Restaurant.  Only in the South.  
Not all the cast and crew were able to go but it was wonderful to be able to celebrate. 
 It was actually Anthony's birthday and so we surprised him with a birthday sing-a-long at the restaurant, along with a balloon and cake.  It was a fun time!

Some of our amazing cast and crew. :)

There was an awards ceremony the following week but unfortunately we didn't win anything. BOO.  We all thought 3rd place was ours. Oh well! There's always August and December for some more film experiences.  We are all hoping to get together and hang out because, well, we're pretty awesome.  

All in all, this was an AMAZING experience.  Thank you Joel and Ysenia for asking me to be a part of your fantastic team!

 If you want to see the video, just let me know! 


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