Tuesday, January 29

Producing/Directing Seminar & New Experiences

So, this past week just kicked my butt as far as being able to blog but I will certainly fill y'all in!

The last class I hadn't mentioned but am taking is 

Producing/Directing Seminar
(6pm class)
Pretty cool teacher
Interesting class
We'll get to let our creative juices flow!
I'm excited!
We've got a 10-page script due this Thursday!

Other fun things that occurred since I last blogged

1. Mickey and I went along with the Entertainment Director of our college's TV station to cover a story.
-It was awesome! 
-I interviewed several people and even a relatively famous person! 
-We learned so much!! 

2. Mickey and I had our first radio show on campus!
-It was so much fun!

3. Mickey and I went to this event that's always held every February in our city and we FINALLY went! We even covered it with our college's TV station!!!
(& we went into this one dance hall we'd been wanting to go to!)
I know I'm super vague but let's just say, it was AMAZING. 

We are also starting to get the hang of this semester and are very busy! 
I believe that's it for now but I'll keep y'all updated!


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