Tuesday, February 5

Doritos & Destiny's Child.

Mickey and I watched the Super Bowl!
The last experience I had with the Superbowl was with my mom and it 
was fantastic so it was nice to keep a kind of tradition going. 
Mickey and I definitely made plans for having Super Bowl parties when we're older. 
{I'm so excited!}

He explained to me more about the game of football, which, is not as bad as it seems but having been part of Pep Squad and my JV Dance Team in high school gave me a heavy dose of Southern football.  I'm a basketball/baseball kind of girl!
(But I'm excited to learn more about the sport in the future)

I began rooting for the Ravens but then switched to the 49ers when the Ravens
 got a little too violent and non-sportsman-y.  
It turned into a really good game!

But now, down to the real reason why I wanted to watch the Super Bowl. 
Halftime Show & Commercials.

As a young twenty-something, I have to say that Destiny's Child just rocked my world. I was a pretty big fan of them when they were a band and was so surprised by Kelly and Michelle coming out! It reminded me of my wonderful childhood, we're talking elementary school-middle school.  
Good times good times. 

Let's just say I belted lots of songs by DC back in the day. 
(ahem, Emotion, Bootylicious)

Not to mention Beyonce's Single Ladies. 
I turned into a stereotypical girl during the halftime show. 
And yes, Mickey was there the whole time smiling at me as I sang and kept saying "Oh my goodness!"
God only knows what he was thinkin'. 

Lastly, there were the commercials.  

was my favorite
 we watched it like three times


Saturday I went with Mickey and his parents to a basketball game! 
Let's just say, it was a BLAST! I love my NBA team!

I'm also attempting to get back into the swing of things with Zumba, today was day 1 (yikes!) but it turns out Hip Hop classes are offered as well! So pumped!

Hope y'all had fun this weekend as well!


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