Wednesday, February 13


Mickey and I were camera operators for our school's first tv broadcast!
That was fun! 
It was semi-stressful though but it was nice to be behind the scenes for a change.  
Our next broadcast is this thursday!

We took a roadtrip to my cousin's wedding!
It was fun! 
About 8 hours worth of driving total.
The wedding was beautiful and I'm so excited to hear of
 all the wonderful things coming their way!

This was our third wedding together! Mickey and I definitely have fun at weddings and it's fun to see different kinds of weddings other than the ones from my chapel. 

The dark spot on my face is my phone's shadow. Haha.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I know I am just over-thinking (like I always do)
and maybe it's just because it's kinda starting to hit me that this will be my last spring semester in college but I just worry that I haven't found my niche.  
There are so many people I know that know for sure what they're going to be, for example, Mickey knows with all his heart that he's going to be a director and he's freakishly good at it.  

Me, on the other hand, I know I want to work with television.  I say I want to be television producer/assistant director but yet I always find myself itching to get infront of the camera.  I love to sing (A LOT).  I love to dance all kinds of dance styles and choreograph dances in my head sometimes to music on the radio.  I love to act and get excited when I'm performing on stage or while I'm reading a play and can identify with a character and immediately cast myself in that play (subconsciously).  I love to play the violin and miss it.  I'm pretty smart (I've been on the Dean's List since my first semester in college) and I love learning languages and making people laugh.

But what is my niche? 

Found on Pinterest.

I'm pretty good at all of those I just mentioned but there isn't something
 that I'm really really good at or something that I just know is my niche. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I just wish I knew what my niche was.  

So, yeah, I hope that I find it soon and have fun in the process.  

Oh goodness.  Deep thoughts so late at night.  
I'm sleepy. Goodnight y'all. 


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