Saturday, February 16

My Sweet Valentine

So Mickey and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day together! 
I woke up so giddy and excited that day! It was amazing!

He surprised me with:
-a balloon that read "I love you"
-a stuffed animal (dog) with a heart
-Sour Patch Extreme
-a dozen red roses *sigh*
-a sweet poem
 (he's got a way with words, it's one of his best qualities)
-And we got each other Mickey and Minnie.

I gave him these Datevitation things I had seen a while ago and then again on Marsa's blog.
I wrote him a whole letter and learned a few things.
It was amazing to see his face as he read my girly letter. 
Fabric of skirt and all other goodies. :)
So, we had Play Analysis at 9am and then tacos for late breakfast then TV Practicum.  
I straightened my hair so that after our 6pm class we could go to Red Lobster (that was the plan).  
May I say that our excitement for the cheesy biscuits was a little abnormal..? Yeah.

Long story short. 
Our 6-8:45pm class (Producing/Directing Seminar) ran wayyy to long.
(She had even said we wouldn't stay long the class before).
We weren't happy campers. 
Plans changed.
I still changed clothing. 
(I wore this cute skirt, black heels, and black top/cardigan and pearls).
*no picture of outfit
**note to self: get a picture of what you're wearing when your boyfriend's jaw drops. :)
Mickey liked it!

We then headed over to Applebee's because it was too late but we had a blast!
We got seated right away (in this section close to the bar that we've always wanted to get seated in), we got food right away, we pigged out, we laughed and had dessert.
And I fell even more in love with him. 

I know I'm missing out a lot of stuff but I wanted to recap our beautiful first Valentine's together. 
Next up! Our 1 year anniversary is next month!! Whaaaa? 
I'm so excited! I already know what I'm gonna wear and what I'm gonna get him. :)

February 14, 2013

Hope y'all had a wonderful Valentines day! 


Emma said...

i'm glad you guys had such a good time! thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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