Friday, March 1


Entirely too much has happened since I last blogged.
Some good some bad.

On Feb. 24, we lost our sweet dog, Gypsy.  
A few things most people didn't know about this sweet dog.

1. One time, after my mom had her brain surgery, we visited my aunt and uncle and sat outside near the pool.  My mom and I always loved Gypsy because she was a sweet and gentle dog.  My mom had her leash wrapped around her wrist and fell asleep.  Gypsy did not move one bit for the 30 minutes that my mom was asleep and trust me, for a dog, I believe that's really hard.  She just sat there, peacefully.
2. She also never jumped on my mom like Baby (other dog) did.  She was a big licker but she never hurt my mom.
3. For about two weeks after my mom passed away, I would wake up to Gypsy sitting by the door in my room.  I would wake up and be pleasantly greeted by her.
She was the sweetest dog and she'll be deeply missed but I believe that all dogs (& other animals) go to heaven so it's a comforting thought that she'll see my mom again.

We'll miss you Gyps. ♥
I'll talk about everything else another time.

Hope y'all have a great weekend. 


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