Thursday, March 14

Breaking Spring

Before I jump into talking about Spring Break, I just briefly wanted to talk about what we did right before Spring Break started.
I was one of the anchors for the Sportscast at our school's tv station!
It was a blast and I can't wait to be the Entertainment Update Anchor for the April Newscast! :)
I already found the perfect dress!! 
{Blue wrap dress at Forever21 for $12!!}

I got carried away.

Okay, so back to Spring Break-age.
Mickey and I haven't been doing much other than, oh you know, visiting a local news studio!!
One of our teachers has an anchor as one of her students and we were lucky enough to be invited to see what she does on a daily basis!! How amazing!! It was unbelievable.
 I got chills when they started.

 I was blown away by everything.

I would love to work in the television industry.
Other than that, I started practicing for my violin-playing opportunity for easter services!! :)
Mickey and I have pretty much been taking it easy and trying to rest.
Unfortunately, my sweet darling is having to deal with wisdom teeth removal nonsense.  He didn't have a good experience today with this sucky lady who hurt him way too much.  Tomorrow is take two at a different place where they can completely numb him. Yay for anesthesia!! :)

Is it just me or does it look like Buddy is smiling? ;)

Please pray for my Mickey. Thank y'all. 
Hope your Spring Break is going well! 


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