Wednesday, March 20

Our First Anniversary ❤

Well guys, I'm so proud and happy excited and blessed to be able
 to tell y'all that Mickey and I have been together for a year!
March 18, 2012. 
I cannot believe how fast time flies by, it's crazy!! 
HERE is the post about what we did on our six months. :)

It's funny because Mickey and I were friends for about a year and a half before we got together and it's just weird to think about life before we got together.  We were friends, then best friends and now, here we are.  So much more.  It's freaking awesome. 

So, I know you're probably interested in reading the details of our night, so here it goes. 
I warn you in advance: There are tons of pictures. :)

-We exchanged presents!
-I got him a Ferris Bueller movie poster 
(we watched the movie the day we got together and it has special meaning to us)
& a watch. :)
-He got me a gorgeous infinity ring! <3 p="">

-Advanced Acting class-Mickey and his scene partner rehearsed the scene in class 
(it's from A Flea in Her Ear, oh farce.)
-We had class until 10:15

-We watched part of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in our Writing the Script class. 
-We had class until 4:15 

-We headed on over to PF Changs for the rest of our celebration!!! 
-We both got chicken LoMein & egg rolls. 
-We asked the waiter to take a picture of us. 
(I felt super awkward about it but I guess it's a couple-y thing to do)
-But we also took some of our own :)

-In case you were interested here is what our fortunes read:
{Mickey's: "Your eyes will soon be opened to a world of beauty, charm and adventures."}
{Mine: "Your virtues are priceless treasures."}
[Amy fact: I collect fortunes.  I'm kinda obsessed with them. I have almost a whole jar full of them.]

-We went to a landmark of our city-a tower that towers at 750 feet. Yikes! 
(& it was windy!!!)

-We went to a 4D theater (within that area of the tower) and I had plenty of screams, sorry Mickey! It was fun though because I saw him smiling and laughing at my crazy reactions to the snake sounds and water being sprayed at us. Fun stuff! If y'all haven't been to a 4D experience thingy, 
I would strongly recommend it! 

-And then we went up to the observation deck where we were kindly greeted by the wind. 
-I swear I had a Marilyn Monroe moment with my dress, yay for shorts! :)
-We went up right before sunset and watched the night unfold.  It was beautiful.  We walked all around the top and I didn't get scared!!! I'm terrified of heights so it was nice to have such a strong, protective man taking care of me.  ;) *mush alert*


-We also took tons of pictures up there that our faces got tired.
-We had such sweet moments up in that tower.  Seriously guys, it was like we were in a movie.
Like in Sleepless in Seattle or something. I was so giddy.

-We stopped to get coffee ice cream with marshmallows and then watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  
-It was the perfect end to a magical day. 

Here are just a few pictures I shared on Instagram [theamycassandra]. 

And that was our first anniversary together.  It was unbelievable.

My boss and I were talking about how Mickey came along into my life at the right time and I couldn't agree more.  He met my mom and my mom met him before things deteriorated.  It was as if God had planned it all along.  God was taking my mom up to heaven but was putting me in the trusted hands of Mickey.  He was there with me through everything, my sloppy, ugly crying and my achievements.  He was there during the viewing and there to give me a hug when I went back to school.  I feel that my mom and God had all of this planned out so that I never felt alone, even after my mom passed.  I will always keep her in my heart and bring up experiences we had together and it is so nice to be able to share that with him.  He's my angel, he's protecting me and I know that, together we can take on the world.  I am eternally grateful to God for giving me such an amazing mom and wonderful people in my life.  Mickey, thank you for such a beautiful time, I can't wait to do everything with you! I love you! 


Marsa said...

awww so cute :)
sounds like the best anniversary ever.
and you're about 5 feet too? yaaay more power to us :) haha

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